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Research about the effect of Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya on genes transformation.

A short video about amazing findings of the benefits of Yoga, Breathing Techniques and Sudarshan Kriya. The scientific research was lead by Dr. Fahri Saatcioglu, PhD. at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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4 Hilarious Myths about Sudarshan Kriya

4 Hilarious Myths about Sudarshan Kriya (By Ruchira Roy Chowdhury: The author is a student of journalism at New York University. She has written for The Economic Times for 3 years) Long back, when I was a student living in a college hostel … Continue reading

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5th March 1980 – The Birth of Sudarshan Kriya

Today We Celebrate the Birth of Sudarshan Kriya Brought into Being by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as a Gift to Humanity. Origin of Sudarshan Kriya Sudarshan Kriya came into being in 1980 in Shimoga, India when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, … Continue reading

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Q&A with Dushyant: Significance to lie down on right side after Kriya?

Why are we asked to roll over to the right side after Kriya and advised to lie on the left side after having food? Our left side is cooling and right side produces more energy in the body. So it … Continue reading

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Chanting after Sudarshan Kriya – Translation

Written originally by Saint Tulsi Das this Shloka describes the lotus feet of the master.  

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