When Grace Enters…

When grace enters FOOD it becomes blessings.
When grace enters TRAVEL it becomes a pilgrimage.
When grace enters a HOME it becomes a temple.
When grace enters the HEART it becomes joy.
When grace enters ACTIONS it becomes service.
When grace enters LIFE it becomes celebration.


When grace enters MEDITATION it becomes self realisation!

(Today in Santa Monica, California)

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Nritya Sadhana in Bangalore Ashram

If you have the passion for dance, but never had the chance to learn.. here is a once in a life time opportunity for you!


Embark on a 4 day journey with the living legend of the Indian Classical Dance form of Kathak, Pandit Birju Maharaj ji.

Dates: 27th – 30th November 2014

(Check-in: 26th evening, Check-out: 1st Dec)

Pandit Birju Maharaj is the leading exponent of the Classical Dance form of Kathak in India. Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dance, which traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as ‘Kathakars’ or storytellers. The name Kathak is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘katha’ meaning story.

This is a unique opportunity to train under the Maestro. The Program integrates Pandit ji’s impeccable dance training with energizing Yoga, powerful breathing techniques, blissful Meditations, rejuvenating Ayurveda (an ancient healing science) and much more!

The program will be conducted in the tranquil, beautiful and serene surroundings of the The Art of Living International Center. The campus is spread over 65 acres, with an abundance of flowering foliage spread along winding footpaths, a peaceful lake and the exquisitely beautiful architectural wonders.

Programs:        Basic and Advanced Levels

Eligibility:          Basic- Open for all above 17yrs

         Advanced- Above 17 yrs with minimum 3 years training in Kathak

Pre-Registration Required.

 For More Details

Email: aolnrityasadhana@gmail.com

For Details call: 080 67262637, 8123474509

Register: www.bangaloreashram.org


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Students learn Art of Living at the University of West Indies

It was such a privilege to be invited to teach the Art of Living session by the Students Union Council of the University of West Indies in Jamaica. This is the successful continuation from the International Youth Day event held by the Ministry of Youth and Culture. I am looking forward to entire youth population to become Happiness Ambassadors for Jamaica and bring a spiritual transformation for generations to come! Coming soon – the first Art of Living Club at the University of West Indies.

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From depression to deep happiness – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Once a gentleman came to a doctor complaining that there was something severely wrong with him. He was hurting all over and was very sad but all the tests came out normal. The doctor said, “There is nothing wrong with you. Go to the circus and watch the clown there. He will make you laugh.” The gentleman said, “Doctor, I am that clown.”

It is one thing to entertain others and be humorous, but quite another to be happy yourself. Happiness does not come by a talent or skills that you develop. Unless you realize who you are, what the nature of consciousness is through your own introspection, happiness remains a far-fetched reality. The spirit of self enquiry in the true sense which leads to meditation is absolutely essential in this quest for happiness. Continue reading

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Dealing and communicating with the elderly

sri-sri-ravi-shankar_0Old people are not any different from children! You should treat them like kids! Like children, they’re adamant… They repeat the same things! They talk the same thing over and over again, without realizing they have already said it several times! When a pattern sets in them, you accept them as they are. They are the best practical example for you to demonstrate that you have followed the first principle of the Art of Living – ‘Accept people as they are’. They make you realize that and come into your life. So old people – you can’t change them overnight or even in a period of time. You need to accept them – that is how they are and it is all right to have their point of view. See, there is some wisdom in what they are saying. Sometimes you are unable to see wisdom in what an experienced, mature person would say because a person speaks from his or her own experience over the years. So in dealing with them, you need to know that they are experienced and that they have a different set of experiences – much different from yours. So we accept them as they are. Second, we don’t get upset because they don’t change! If you get upset, then that makes it worse! By your not accepting them, they are not going to change! So you accept them as they are because you are too small to change them… and you will find a miracle happening! The moment you accept them – give them a space of love and compassion – they slowly start changing. They do change! So you need to have a lot of patience. Continue reading

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Daily Inspiration: Youngest You Can Be

“This moment is the youngest you are ever going to be! Live Now to Live Young”!

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Ministry of Youth and Culture, Jamaica commends the Art of Living Foundation

Ministry of Youth and Culture, Jamaica commends Art of Living Foundation for the transformative event for youths commemorating the International Youth Day and confirms future collaborations to empower more youths through the AOLF for a healthier, happier Jamaica. Thank you Shankara World for sponsoring this event and impacting the lives of many more youths!

 Letter to Dushyant Savadia

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4 Hilarious Myths about Sudarshan Kriya

4 Hilarious Myths about Sudarshan Kriya

(By Ruchira Roy Chowdhury: The author is a student of journalism at New York University. She has written for The Economic Times for 3 years)

keep-calm-and-do-sudarshan-kriya-3Long back, when I was a student living in a college hostel in Pune (India), my Sadhna( spiritual practice) used to be a great time to experience absolutely funny reactions and concerns from my fellow hostel mates about my practice. From laughing, worrying to being amused about “heavy breathing”, the reactions were myriad. But one stands out. This once, I was practicing Sudarshan Kriya early morning on the hostel terrace. This girl saw me doing my Pranayams, came running to me and knocked me on my head. When I opened my eyes and turned to her aghast, she said rather sheepishly, “I thought you were having a heart attack.”!! I was speechless. Time and again I have bumped into people who have bizarre ideas about the practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Pranayamas. Let me list a few for you. Continue reading

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5 Common Mistakes That Can End A Relationship


I came across this article and found so much truth in it.

It’s a sad truth that our culture provides very little accurate education that would help people navigate the tricky road of relationships. Here are some tips!

1. Believing that your aliveness is your partner’s responsibility.

Our culture, which is predicated on the fantasy of romantic love, posits that once you meet “The One,” you will be lifted out of your misery or boredom and exalted into a state of perpetual happiness. So, it’s easy to believe that it’s your partner’s job to make you feel joyful and whole. While a healthy relationship can certainly bring joy, it’s not your partner’s job to fill in your empty places. That’s your job and yours alone, and until you accept responsibility for your emptiness, pain, or boredom, problems will inevitably ensue in the relationship.  Continue reading

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Run better with yoga


“No pain, no gain!”

Seven –time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger said this phrase sometime during his career which went on to become the workout attitude defining statement of our times. It is crisp and apt, just the way a phrase should be. But is pain really that essential? What if one could work out a plan to minimize the pain and maximize the benefits of their workout? Does it sound too good to be true? Continue reading

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