India Bans Import of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

Compassion and care are true nature of human beings, therefore animal testing is something to be eliminated from our society completely. It was very inspiring to read that India imposed a ban on animal-tested products. Moreover, five months ago animal testing within the country was also banned. This makes India the first country in south Asia to do so.  Read more on Times of India: Today I am even more proud to be a part of Shankara Team, bringing result-oriented as well as socially responsible and cruelty-free skin care to people. Looking forward for Shankara to reach every household across the world bring this gift of peace, integrity, health and beauty, without compromising in manufacturing and preserving our word and it’s life.


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Yoga for Naturally Glowing Skin

5 yoga tips for healthy skin


  1. Practice asanas (yoga postures) which help increase blood circulation to the head and face area. Some examples are Cobra Pose, Fish Pose, Plow Pose, Shoulder Stand, Triangle Pose, and Child Pose. These postures also increase oxygenation to the system; as such are called chest openers. All inverted postures and forward bends, which increase blood supply to the head, can help achieve clean, glowing skin.
  2. For some women, acne usually gets more problematic in summer, especially with women who have an oily skin. Cooling pranayamas (breathing exercises), such as Sheetali and Sheetkari, can help provide a cooling effect to the skin and retain its glow. Also, learn the Jalneti technique at Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 and practice it everyday. It facilitates physical and emotional cleansing. The Shankh Prakshalan process taught at the Sri Sri Yoga Level 2 program is also very effective in this regard. Make sure to do it once every six months.
  3. To improve the digestive process, try doing Wind-Relieving Posture (Pavanamuktasana), Kneeling Pose (Vajrasana), Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), Nadi Shodhan pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing), and Kapal Bhati pranayama (Skull-Shining Breathing Technique), on empty stomach. Kapal Bhati, an effective detoxifying technique, is aptly named so as Kapal means forehead and Bhati means glowing. Through forceful exhalation in this process, detoxification happens, the first effect of which shows in the form of naturally glowing skin.
  4. Meditate twice a day, every day. The more you do, the more you will radiate from within and without. Who needs makeup then? Meditation will be your natural make-up that lasts long and makes you look beautiful!  Join online meditation here:
  5. Practice at least 20 minutes of facial yoga exercises everyday at home. These will help tighten the face muscles. Massage your jaws to reduce stress, massage your eyebrows for a dose of instant relaxation, try the ‘kiss and smile technique’ (push out your lips as though to kiss a baby and then smile as broadly as you can) to exercise your face muscles.
    To naturally remove toxins from the system, doing some fast-paced yoga exercises such as quick rounds of Surya Namaskar which make you perspire is also a good idea.

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Let’s Stop Smoking! Become Free Today!

A few tips how to overcome your desire to smoke and live your life without addictions:



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Faith & Alertness — By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the FREE PRESS Journal

Faith and alertness appear to be completely opposite in nature.  When you are alert there usually is no faith, and you feel restless and insecure.  When you have faith your mind is secure and in a restful state, and you are not alert.



There are three types of faith:

• Tamasic faith is caused by dullness. An example is when you do not want to take responsibility or action and you say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter, God will take care of all these things!”

• Rajasic faith is brought on by an intense compulsion of desires and ambition.  The ambition keeps your faith alive.

• Satvic faith is innocent and is born out of fullness of consciousness.

Faith and alertness, though apparently opposite in nature, are actually complementary to each other.  In the absence of faith there can be no growth, and without alertness there can be no correct understanding.  Faith can make you complacent while alertness makes you tense.  If there is no faith, there is fear.  And when there is no alertness you cannot perceive or express properly, so a combination of both is essential.

In gyana (a state of wisdom) there is alertness without tension and faith without complacency.  The purpose of education should be to remove the element of dullness from faith and the element of fear from alertness.  This is a unique and rare combination.  If you have faith and alertness at the same time, then you will become a true gyani (wise one).

Article published in the FREE PRESS Journal:

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Meditation Can Increase IQ

There are numerous benefits of meditation: calmness, peace of mind, joy, vibrant health, greater energy etc. Moreover, meditating regularly really does make you smarter! To know more read on:


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Shankara World and MC Yogi Collaboration

Shankara World Now Powered BY: M C Yogi & Amanda! Watch Out All Yoga Lovers – Shankara Skin Care Ayurveda Seminar coming to all Major Yoga Studio’s in USA and Yoga Retreats! Thank you M C for colloborating to bring this ancient system of Health & Knowledge to many many more and serve the humanitarian efforts through The Art of Living Globally!


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Village in Rajasthan sends its daughters to school


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Research about the effect of Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya on genes transformation.

A short video about amazing findings of the benefits of Yoga, Breathing Techniques and Sudarshan Kriya. The scientific research was lead by Dr. Fahri Saatcioglu, PhD. at the University of Oslo, Norway.

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Seeing good in the bad


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About Letting Go

Letting Go Of Negative People Is Not A Reflection Of How You Feel About Them, But A Reflection of How Much You Care About Your Own Happiness!


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