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Dushyant Savadia Interviewed on Prime Time With Beverly on AVS TV, 29th August 2012

Four Kinds of Feverishness- Talk by Dushyant Savadia, Milpitas, California – Aug 03, 2012

Ashtalakshmi – San Francisco Bay Area, California, Aug 4, 2012 – PART 1

Ashtalakshmi – San Francisco Bay Area, California, Aug 4, 2012 – PART 2

Sky Diving in Bay Area, California, 3rd August 2012

Smile Jamaica Breakfast Show on TVJ, 17 July 2012 – Jamaica

WTN TV News Feature on I Meditate SXM, 18 May 2012 – St Maarten

Nos Mainta Tele Aruba Interview – 11th May 2012

News Feature on Tele Aruba – Youth Parliament Talk Coverage, 9th May 2012, Aruba

Television Interview: CBC TV Barbados (West Indies), 15th March 2012

Television Interview: Papia Cla, Aruba (Caribbean) 01 March 2012

Television Interview: TeleAruba, Aruba (Caribbean) 29 Feb 2012

Near Death Experiance (Guru Grace)

Talk on Astalaxmi (English), Manchester, October 2009

Astalaxmi Talk (Hindi), Nashik, September 2009

Pancha Rahasya – A Live Knowledge Talk in Nashik

The Art of Enthusiasm  – June 2010

 Interview on MATV with Hans Patel – May 2009


Art of Living Valentine Satsang in Leicester – February 2010


3 Responses to My Videos

  1. Dhanlakshmi says:

    Jai Gurudev.. Asthalakshmi was just superb and it made me feel very good…..

  2. sourav sharma says:

    simply awesome .. a sincere seeker :)

  3. Mahesh says:

    Four Kindness of Feverishness, is just great, excellent, practical & superb talk. Lokeshana, It helped me to realize my wanting for appreciation, recognition, attention, praise & Jeevashana, after listening to it, now I’m more aware of discomfort in my life. I like this “The more you are comfortable in discomfort, no discomfort can make you uncomfortable”. Putrashena & Athrashena – I also love this “People around us are like a postman they deliver what is due to you at that time”.

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