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Skype ID: dushyant_savadia

Facebook: dushyant108

Twitter: @dushyant108

Telephone: +1 408 839 6999



9 Responses to My Contact

  1. ashish savadia says:

    hey hi u look handsome in the about me page

  2. jitendra says:

    i love u dushyant bhiya

  3. Rabindra Parida says:

    “Respect Those Who Are Jealous Of You”. It’s true………….Thanks.

  4. jitendra joshi says:

    u r so so lovely bhiya

  5. Ramesh says:


    Hope you fine. I sent mail to you, Please check and let me know
    -Ramesh – Chennai

  6. Bhawna says:

    Bhaiya you are very special and thankyou so much for sharing knowledge via blog and Youtube. Jai Gurudev :-)

  7. Ramesh says:

    Please contact me when you are in Chennai – Ramesh Chennai 984025597

  8. rituparnadey says:

    JaiGurudev! Please could you point me to the video on the 10 Pranas touched by the Kriya? Have not been able to locate it

  9. There is no video at the moment. I will make one shortly and will let you know.

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