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5 Reactions To Death

The 5 Reactions to Death: Denial: One common possible reaction to any news of death is denial. One goes into complete state of denial that this cannot happen to them. Denial creates state of shock. It does not allow us … Continue reading

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Strange are the ways of Karma – Sri Sri

How many of you have had this experience that without doing any harm to anybody, or anything wrong still people became your enemies. (Many raise their hands) So many! And now tell me, you have not done any big favors … Continue reading

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How Can Knowledge Erase Karma?

Knowledge Can Erase Karma – By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Question: Can u simplify guruji’s words..on knowledge can erase karma… i like it but cud not understand it thoroughly…how knowledge can erase karma… Response: First of all you should congratulate … Continue reading

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