Storms of Emotions: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Life is found to be caught up in storms so very often and you are not yourself when you are in a storm. And you don’t know what to do with it. At those moments all your practices, concepts, ideas, ideals, all fall apart. Your devotion, your love, all the beautiful things that you cherish in your life doesn’t simply seem to be there or mean anything. You are under the influence of a big storm.

What do you do? Nothing is helpful.You get the glimpse of the clearness of yourself in-between two storms. But life seems to be like the ocean, one wave after another, it lashes you and lashes you. 

This is the only problem, this is the only basic problem in the universe, there is no other problem. You can attach it to one thousand causes and reasons, but the problem is how to free life from this storm.

First thing to do, you become aware of this, at that moment the storm has already subsided. Now stop regretting how it shouldn’t have happened, number one. It is the nature. Waves comes and for no reason a turmoil is created in the mind. When your mind cools down and you experience that cool inner, cool soft and delicate aspect of yourself, a big relief comes.

Second, stop resisting the storm, take it, gulp it in its totality, go deep into it and see it is nothing. That is the purpose of Ashram. Ashram means what? Where you come and drop all the efforts, all the strains of the mind, heart and body, everything drops and you get such a deep rest. All fears drop, insecurities drop. You know there is some power, someone who is really caring for you. Not just someone, there is only that One in the whole universe. Relax! Rest! Be peaceful!

An ocean cannot be there without waves. And every event touches life in it’s surface somewhere, it creates some movements. Take with both your hands all that comes. Don’t say it is impossible for me or it is not possible for me. This very thought it is not possible, you are resisting and that is the cause of making those storms stay for long periods. Stand there with your arms wide open, say, what storms come, let them, I am here. You grow out of them, you become bigger. That is crucifixion.

Crucifixion is not just Jesus hanging on the cross, it is what can crucify me, what can destroy me, there is nothing that can destroy me, come what may. It may be excruciating pain but doesn’t matter still it cannot destroy me, it cannot kill me, I am here. I am much much bigger than all these commotions, emotions, waves, they all rise inside me, in me and they can in no way destroy me. Let them be.

Every storm has destroyed some smallness in you, something in you that is very small, it lashes on you and pulls you out of your likes and dislikes. Every storm is a blessing, it cuts you, it destroys you, it finishes you off, you cry! And if you are knowledgeable, you don’t cry, you laugh.

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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    very beautiful

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    thanks for making me understand emotions Jgd

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    Truly needed this.Im thankful

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