Utilise Your Talents: Sri Sri


Only one who is involved 100 per cent in doing can recognize that everything is a happening. The healthiest way to apply this knowledge is to see the whole past as a happening and the present as doing. If you see the past as doing, then ego and regret come along. And when you see the present as a happening, then laziness and unawareness set in. If you see future as doing, it brings tension and worry, and if you see it as a happening, it might bring some confidence and also lethargy. Let the happening be for the past. Let the doing be for the present. And the future is a mix of both. The wise will see the doing in happening and the happening in doing simultaneously.

One who does a lot of work will never say he did a lot. When someone says he did a lot of work, that means he can do more. Work does not tire you as much as doership does. All the talents you have are for others. If you have a good voice, it is for others. If you are a good cook, carpenter, surgeon or can write a good book, it is for others. If you don’t make use of your talents, they will not be given to you again.

Everyone is bestowed with some or the other talents or gifts. You need to see how you are utilizing these talents. Are you utilizing them at all? Plan for this year — what are you going to do every day? Every day, do meditation and spend some time doing some good work for the society. Don’t think only about yourself. Then you will see that whatever you want for yourself comes when you just ask. If you bring smiles on the faces of others, then you have a right to demand something for yourself. This is real currency. So let us resolve to do something good in society, and let us have the confidence that whatever we need will be given to us.

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