Look Back!

When knowledge becomes very strongly embedded in our consciousness, it is called wisdom. Everybody has wisdom. It is only a matter of time that life takes you from a little wisdom to more wisdom. Look back and see in your own life. You were judging, thinking bad about this person or that and the anger was so intense. After a few months or a year, you started laughing at yourself, ‘Why did I worry so much!’ If we don’t turn back and look every once in a while at the events that have passed, we continue to make the same mistakes and we don’t learn.

Those who are engaged in a lot work and activity should sit for at least 10 minutes a day and look back and see —”What did I do? What did I learn in my life? How was today? What can I learn from what has happened?” However self-enquiry cannot go on for 24 hours. Otherwise you will not be able to function at all in the world. It is like bathing. You cannot take a shower for 24 hours.

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