A Mission For Each: Sri Sri

The sign of a devotee is one who doesn’t worry about anything. When the body, mind and possessions belong to the Divine then where is the need for worry? There will be good and bad times in life but you must keep yourself balanced.

Knowledge purifies the intellect. Charity purifies wealth. Yoga and Ayurveda purify the body. Seva (service) purifies karma and meditation purifies the soul.

With knowledge, the mind gets purified and in a purified mind, Divinity is reflected. Life is huge; it is eternal. The best is to look at yourself and see how much you have grown. You have grown a lot. Watch your own growth and you feel more confident to move forward. Every life has a purpose. Not a blade of grass is here without a purpose. It will open up at its right time naturally. You just keep doing your duty. Meditate and do service and you will see everything will fall in place.

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