Staying in Bliss


It is difficult to get into bliss and it is difficult to get out of bliss. there are so many obstacles to get into bliss. You think you’ve got it, you have it in hand, and then it drops.

Give first priority to the self, to self knowledge. this is so important. You need a lot of skill to really be blissful. So many diversions, so many attractions are ready to allure the mind.

Everything tries to keep the mind from sinking into the bliss. Be steadfast and one-pointed. Some people are very nice outside in behavior but very rough inside. And some people are very rough outside, but nice inside. The world does not care how you feel inside; just cares how you are outside. The Divine does not care about your behaviour; it cares for how you feel inside. Do you feel stiff or free from within? Inside, if you are not stiff, if you are like a flower, then outside too, you will become gentle. Just be like a delicate flower from inside.

What are the things that keep you rough inside? If you think nobody loves you, then know for sure that you are loved. The Divine loves you very dearly, very deeply. Once you know this, you will relax. If you don’t know you are loved by the Divine, then insecurity dawns.

Then comes the greed, and then selfishness becomes strong; leading to anger and with anger comes lust. And with that comes all sorts of sadness, one behind the other, like a chain. They all destroy that pleasant inner feeling residing inside. When the smile of contentment is lost then health is lost. It’s only then that people realize they have to do something. Till then, people don’t see where they are, what they are, what is life. With inner calmness, talents simply appear. Love springs up and intuition comes, beauty comes, peace comes and then comes prosperity.

“Dissolving the name is awareness. Dissolving the form is meditation. The world is name and form. Bliss transcends name and form” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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