Advice From a Tree

Stand Tall And Proud

Go Out On A Limb

Remember Your Roots

Drink Plenty of Water

Be Content With Your Natural Beauty

Enjoy The View

Serve Others Who Come To You

Be Patient As You Grow

Accept All That Comes To You


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3 Responses to Advice From a Tree

  1. Jacque Haines says:

    I noticed our advice mentioned in your website/blog. Thank you for celebrating the beauty of nature and sharing Advice from a Tree with your audience. It pleases me to share a message from the Earth as reminders for people to live their true nature. I am writing to connect with you in our common bond of trees and to ask you to add information if it is not included:ILAN SHAMIR should be noted as the author.It should have © Ilan Shamir and as the copyright . The poem, wherever possible, should be included in its entirety. You can find the correct version at Kind regards, Ilan Shamir

  2. Dear Jacque

    Thank you for your email and the inspiring quote. I have now added the name of the author under. I picked it from Facebook with no author mentioned on it from some one else’s wall.

    Kind regards


  3. Jacque Haines says:

    Hi Dushant:
    Thanks for your prompt reply, and for adding Ilan’s name. However, if you could please correct the quote, that would be great. It should say: Stand tall and proud, Sink your roots into the earth, Be content with your natural beauty, Go out on a limb, Drink plenty of water, Remember your roots, Enjoy the view: Let me know if you have any more questions.

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