Worrying makes your mind and heart inert and dull


The head worries and the heart feels. The two cannot function at the same time. When your feelings dominate, worry dissolves. If you worry a lot, your feelings are dead and you are stuck in the head. Worrying makes your mind and heart inert and dull. Worry entangles you. Worry puts you in a cage. When you feel, you do not worry.

Feelings are like flowers, they come up, they blossom and they die. When feelings are expressed, you feel relieved. When you are angry, you express your anger, or you are upset, you cry and you get over it. Feelings last for a short time and then they drop, but worry chews at you for a longer period of time, and eventually eats you up.

Feelings make you spontaneous. Children feel, so they are spontaneous. Adults put brakes on their feelings and they start worrying. Worrying about anything obstructs action, while feelings propel action. Worrying about negative feelings is a blessing because it puts the brakes on those feelings, preventing you from acting on them.

Usually one never worries about positive feelings. Worrying takes away your energy; you cannot think clearly when you worry. Offering your worries is prayer, and prayer moves you in feelings. When you think you are feeling too much then you start worrying about your feelings. You simply have to wake up and see the present is inevitable. Just become aware of your own experience of worry and fear — “I have gone through this many a times, it’s okay, one more time.” That makes you numb to it.

You become sort of immune to it, if it is happening over and over again. It is our greed, our possessiveness and the aggression in us that brings us all this.

If you are content, happy and centered, everything will flow to you. You don’t have to go and grab something; things will come your way. This is why this world is called ‘maya’. If you try to possess or if you try to grab something, it just runs away from you. If you are stable, still and content within yourself then everything runs towards you.

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