Radiating peace around us


Whether a culture or a religion is used to divide people, it is not good. We need to unite the world, the hearts and the minds! Where is it that we can all unite? That is the meditative state that we are all born with —the simplicity that we are gifted with. We need to drive home this message because even if one part of the world is not adopting this idea, the world will not be a safe place as that little part can breed terrorism.

Only a few people in the world cause terror, not the whole population. Of the six billion people on this planet, there will be a handful who are causing problems in the world. There are hardly a few thousand who cause crime and the whole world is affected. Don’t you think that with the same law, the reverse will also work? Just a few of us, a few thousand of us, being really peaceful and loving, caring for the whole planet – can we not bring a transformation?

We need to educate people on human values, friendliness, compassion, non-violence, non-aggression. Aggression has even come into the lives of children. There is a beauty in non-violence; there is a beauty in non-aggressive behaviour, which has unfortunately not been highlighted either by our media or by our surroundings. Children take pride in being violent. If they lose their temper, they feel that it’s normal and take pride in it. One who is very aggressive in the classroom, gets more attention than one who is peaceful, isn’t it? So children grow up feeling that if he is aggressive, then he will have his say.

We need to bring back the pride in being non-violent. If we could instill that pride in being non-violent in children, their whole life will take a new direction. A pride in being compassionate, in being available and helpful to others around us should be our new motto.

I think we need to do something to bring back those human values in society and smile more! You look at a teenager or a boy or a girl who goes to college — do they really smile? See the heaviness in their faces, the heaviness in their hearts. A child is so happy — walking, moving, jumping and then that same child goes through college to become so sad, upset and depressed! Is this the purpose of our education?

I came across some research that a child, a baby, smiles 400 times a day, an adolescent only 17 times and an adult doesn’t smile at all. If you smile, do you think something might be robbed from you? What is it that you lose? When you smile, others get and you don’t lose anything. We need to smile more. At least give yourself a big smile when you wake up every morning and look in the mirror.

We cry for what we have and we are upset about what we don’t have, isn’t it? Is it worth living life like that? We get depressed and depress everybody around us. We need to shake ourselves up. Wake up. And when we wake up from this slumber, then we have peace in our hearts and we can radiate that peace and love around us.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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