Take A Middle Path

If attachment helps you move away from other unwanted things, then it is okay. If it gives you a focus, it is fine. But if it causes jealousy, anger, greed and all other negative emotions, then you better work on yourself. Go deep into yourself, meditate and understand it. Any attachment, if it leads you to the higher self, or a higher goal, is okay. But if it pulls you down, you have to come back to wisdom. For every action of ours, we should look within ourselves.

There are some who justify their actions all the time, and some who find fault with themselves all the time. Both will create a sort of imbalance. Take a middle path, where you can look into your actions and see how you can improve and, at the same time, look forward. Drop the past.

Just like in a car, you have a windshield which is big, and a rearview mirror which is small. Just imagine if your rearview mirror was big and the windshield, small. That is the situation of your car now. Your rearview mirror occupies more than half the windshield and so you only keep looking back. That is not right. You need to look at the past a little, and forward most of the time. If we blame something, it means that we cannot be without it.

Generally, if someone is very bad, you will just move away from them. But when you hate them, that means there is a deep connection that you are unable to get away from. You want to be with them, which is why you start disliking them.

One who is caught in the whirlpool of the mind only deserves compassion, not anger. Usually, if somebody is negative, or against you, you get angry with them. According to me, you should be compassionate towards them. They don’t know what they are doing and it is very evident from their actions. Also, these people feel very happy when something is going wrong somewhere. They cannot tolerate a good thing happening to anybody anywhere in the world. This indicates a sick mind. So you can only be compassionate towards such people.

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