Happiness and Misery – Sri Sri


There is a beautiful Sanskrit proverb that says ‘Nobody gives happiness or misery. It is created by one’s own mind.’

You question people, “Why did you behave like that? Why did you insult me?” It is useless to do so. If they have insulted you then there is something wrong in their brain. You should have compassion and feel, “Oh this person insulted me. He is not a yogi. He does not have that refined level of consciousness.”

If you are basing your life on these feelings, you will be ruined because emotions are not stable at all. The mind is going here and there and you have to gently bring that mind through your intellectual awareness and hold it steadfast in the self. That is why nature has made your mind so difficult to calm down. It is through yoga that that you will get that inner joy.

The first thing you have to learn on the spiritual path is to praise yourself and praise others. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna, “You are so good, you already have all the good qualities. I am only just bringing them up in you. Don’t worry.” To uplift someone you have to sprout the seed of goodness in them. A good teacher will not say you are no good. If you lose your self worthiness, you will never progress on the spiritual path. So, don’t force your senses, the body or mind; cajole them, gently bring them to the stillness of meditation.

For an intelligent person the most intolerable thing is stupidity. And your greatest endurance is tapasya— tolerating stupidity. A Guru had really stupid disciples, they would do the opposite of what they were instructed to do. The Guru’s daughter was getting married and he told the disciples to whitewash the front part of the house. They went and whitewashed the wall opposite the house. When the Guru saw this he said, “Oh my God what did you do? Now the barat is coming, quickly white wash the front.” So when the guests came the disciples caught hold of each guest and started painting them. The guests got so annoyed that they cancelled the wedding. The Guru was very upset.But then he later found out that the groom was not mentally sane. So even though the disciples were stupid, something good came out of all their mistakes. Even stupid people have a role to play in your life. They make you wiser and more patient.

Recognise the positivity everywhere and in everyone. That is a sign of yoga and it will bring skill in action, success in endeavors and happiness in one’s being.

By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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