Blaming Is Futile – Sri Sri

When someone blames you, what do you usually do? Blame them back or you put up resistance in yourself. When someone blames you, they actually take away some negative karma from you. If you understand this and don’t put up resistance and feel happy about it, then you drop your resistance. “Oh, good. That person is blaming me. Something is going away.” And when you drop the resistance, your karma goes away.

Usually, when someone blames you, you feel hurt and unhappy. This is only because you’re resisting. What you resist, unhappiness persists. The ignorant person tells someone, “Don’t blame me because it hurts me.” Someone warns you not to blame them because it will hurt them and they’ll do something harmful to you out of revenge.

But an enlightened person says, “Don’t blame me because it might hurt you.” You get hurt because you resist the blame. On the outside, it may seem like you’re not resisting, but if you’re resisting on the inside, then it will hurt you.

When a worldly man is miserable, he blames the people around him, the system, and the world in general. When a seeker (sadhak) is miserable he, of course, blames the world, but in addition to this he blames the path, the Knowledge, and himself. It is better not to be a seeker, so that you blame less.

But then a seeker also enjoys everything much more. There is more love in life and more pain. When there is more joy, the contrast is greater. A certain level of maturity is needed to see things as they are and not to blame the path, the self, and the world. It is like a quantum leap. If one jumps across this threshold, then there is no fall. The divine does not test you. Testing is part of ignorance. One who does not know will test. God knows your capacity, so why does he have to test you? Then why the misery? It is thithiksha, or forbearance, in you. And forbearance could be increased by prayerful surrender or vigorous challenge for patience.

By: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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