Art of Living Creates History At Jamaican Prison’s

When I met Guruji in Boone i(North Carolina Ashram) in September and Shaggy, Rebecca and I invited Guruji to come to Jamaica; Guruji said: ” Work on Prisons and Street Kids and then I will come”. In October I met Mr. Sean Pendergast (Commissioner of Correction Facility, Jamaica) and in a 15 minute meeting, it was concluded that Art of Living will teach the course in two prisons  from Dec 10th to Dec 15th 2012. Prison Smart in Jamaica is yet another testimony of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision towards world peace and prosperity. 

Last week groups of inmates in the Spanish Town and Tower Street Adult Correctional Center made history. Art of Living Foundation conducted Jamaica’s first ever Prison SMART (Stress Management And Rehabilitation Training). Some of the inmates were serving life sentences and many between 7 to 15 years. The course was taught by myself and my great great friend Gabriella Saville (Prison Smart Director – USA). Here in Jamaica, nearly 100 inmates combined in both the prisons completed the first phase of the program on Saturday 15th December 2012, but it is not over. The graduates have pledged to continue the stress relief practice and attend follow-ups to facilitate their dedication to positive change. I am determined with the support of the Prison Staff and Commissioner of Corrections Mr. Prendergast to continue its reform in side the prison environment and reach out to many more inmates as soon as possible.  There is already a demand for us to go back by the inmates as they love the course so much. Many of them want to become teachers. TTC in Jamaican Prisons Soon!!!! Much work needs to be done and we are only at the beginning.

 Experiences sharing by the inmates on the next blog post!

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  1. Aravind Venkatachalam says:

    This is amazing Dushyantji!

  2. Pavan says:

    Awesome Dushyant Ji

  3. Bala says:

    This is called empowering the society at all levels. Art of Living teachers are wonderful. True to the mission of stress free society.
    Awesome Dushyantji !!

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