Akashic Reading (Past Present Future)

The term Akashic comes from a 5000 year old Sanskrit language which means “hidden library”.  This secret hall of records (known as the Akashic Records) can be revealed by diving into the subconscious mind in deep state of meditation.  The Akasha may be better understood in our technologically advanced world as a type of internal Universal Wide Web, where anyone can access the information freely about anybody.

The information you’ll find in an Akashic Reading is much more than a psychic reading, it is glimpse into your Souls path and destiny.  We each have access to this information because we are each intimately connected to the Universe, yet sometimes the mind becomes very busy and blocks the connection to this infinite internal database.  The Akasha is real.  It is a subatomic energy field of quantum particles and waves of information which are found within everything and everyone in this Universe.  It is the informational highway that connects all people and things.

The Akashic Field of energy is found within each situation you are in.  Just stop and look within this experience.  Go through and beneath your emotions and thoughts.  Notice this consciousness that is here.  We are all tightly woven into the Universal web of consciousness, this is the doorway into the Akasha.  When we tap into and open this subconscious connection, we can pull up specific information about any souls journey, in any place or time in history.

The Akasha exists at the subconscious level – the state of awareness just before you wake up in the morning or right as you’re falling asleep.  Only through a deep state of meditation can one bridge the gap and read what’s in this massive informational databank without losing consciousness and falling asleep.  When we step beyond our normal chattering ego-based mindset and into the silence, we can hear, see and feel this information as if God herself were whispering it to us!

The secret to tapping into the ancient Akashic Records are found by entering into an extremely deep and meditative mindset.  This depth is similar to the life and energy we find in the whales.  The profound depths to which these creatures can dive and resurface, is similar to how one retrieves information from the Akashic Records.

Through consistent meditation you will learn how to quiet your mind and access your personal Akashic Record through sight, hearing and or a certain “knowingness” in your body.  Finding your personal Akashic Record is similar to tuning your car stereo to a particular channel or radio frequency.  Your soul sends out a specific “signature” frequency that I can feel is you, and then the data starts being transmitted from your Akashic Record.  There is this certain “alignment feeling” you will experience inside your body when you are tuned into your personal Akashic Record.  Sometimes many lifetimes of your souls journeys are revealed in a single instant!

The deeply enlightening information you’ll receive in your Akasha cannot be forced and comes in randomly and in unusual moments when you least expect it.  The information and insights simply happen when the body and mind are open, centered and focused on what you most need to know.  Each meditation journey will reveal more information than before, and your Akashic Records will only reveal the specific details your soul is wanting to take in life.

The experience of your Akashic Records may also reveal a personal vision of your most enlightened future self, or events from the past that you may need help releasing.  Learning how to read your Akashic Records is an experience you that will benefit you and others for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  It will help you reveal the practical path your life is on while assisting you in understanding the deeper spiritual meaning behind what is really going on.  The information you can receive in just one guided journey into your Akashic Records can reveal your life mission, purpose, past lives, and soul lessons to help you create an amazing life that you LOVE!

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  1. NguyenThuy says:

    Fabulous!!! I have gone thro’ many spiritual and Dharma sessions but only now I hear this information for the first time. I wish if you could provide all your teaching or information in the form of audio or video besides writting so we all can dowload and listen to them while driving.
    Much appreciated.

  2. Kasturi says:

    How & where can we get to learn this.

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