A Saint And His Spiritual Powers

“Once in ancient India, there was a great saint who had great spiritual powers. One day he was meditating at a place near to the seashore that strong winds started blowing & after that a strong sea storm came in the sea. Saint while meditating, felt very disturbed with that & as he was having great spiritual powers, so he used his powers & said, “Let this storm come to a halt & should cease at once.” By the powers of his words, the storm stopped immediately. 

At that time a ship was sailing nearby in the sea. As the wind & the storm in the sea stooped suddenly, so the ship capsized in this sudden abruption of the wind & drowned in the sea. With the drowning of ship in the sea, all the people on the board of the ship also drowned & died. By the law of nature, the sin of the death of all these people on the ship came upon the saint & by all those sins, the saint lost all his great spiritual powers.”

Be careful what you ask for and what you think as we all inherit some spiritual powers and the ability to manifest even the smallest of desires. When the heart is clean and mind is pure, these spiritual powers become much more obvious. Let you spirit do good to humanity and not get used to show one’s vanity.


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