Wealth is not just about being rich

One of the greatest illusions created in the world is wealth. There is so much disparity in the world. There is no reason why someone is begging for a piece of bread and another is wasting food. However, there are seven types of wealth.

Comfort in material wealth
The first type of wealth is what we commonly understand as material wealth. Just being born in Ford’s home, somebody acquired all that wealth without any effort. Why does this happen when somebody else had to toil all his life to make money?

Health equals wealth
Just having money is not sufficient. Some people may have a lot of money but they cannot eat well. They are suffering from many diseases — that wealth is nothing. Some people do not have money, but they have enough to eat and are healthy.

Courage to become wealthy
One must see life as a game and should play without worrying about the outcome. But if one is afraid of making mistakes then one lacks the wealth of courage. And without that there is no fun in life even if the person has a lot of money. Someone may not have any money, but if they possess courage, they reflect wealth.

The friendly wealth
The fifth type of wealth is friendliness. You may have the other types of wealth, but still feel no sense of belonging.That is what happens at most parties — rich people go to a party to show off their wealth, but feel out of place. Parties are like competition grounds or battlefields; everyone is carrying a shield. That is no wealth at all.

Need skill to be wealthy
Another wealth is having different skills and talents. Some people write well, some good at debating, some have a knack for music, some cook well, some are good in administration, and so on. Some, put their maximum efforts to achieve what they want, yet they fail. Effort is not enough to achieve one’s goal.

Be dignified, be wealthy
The world is full of lessons if only we observe it. Be as humble as the grass. Then nothing can touch you. No one can humiliate you. Always, walk like a king and be a perfect servant!

Memories are also wealth
Our memory only develops when we are three or four years and we start understanding things. The moment we become aware of our source of memory, and our infinite past, our whole life changes. It’s just like someone suddenly realises how wealthy he or she is. Immediately your style of walking changes. This is the awareness of the source.

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