This world is just transit lounge, don’t mistake it to be your home: Sri Sri

This world is a transit lounge. You find these transit lounges at airports and railway stations, and what is it that you do there? You keep your luggage and start eating. You use the bathroom and do other things, but you don’t open your suitcase and hang your clothes all over the place. You keep your things packed. This world is just a transit lounge. Don’t mistake it to be your home. Adi Shankaracharya has said this beautifully, “My original place is in heaven, and I have come here only for a few days, just to have fun.

Today, I have just come for the purpose of relaxing, but this is not my original place, it is somewhere else.” In the ancient times, saints and wise ones would often abuse those who were closest to them. This is because when anger or ill thoughts arise in a person who is dear to them, then that affects them as well. For example, a person sitting inside your house and causing damage will affect you more than someone causing damage outside on the street.

One must have the shat sampattis (six wealths, or six-fold virtues): Sama (calmness or quietude of mind), Dama (self-control or restraint of the senses), Uparati (satiety), Titiksha (forbearance),Shraddha (faith), and Samadhana (equanimity or one-pointedness of the mind). Until a person has all these six virtues, he does not become a mumukshu (one desirous of moksha or liberation), and he is not given the Knowledge.

Therefore, one must have viveka (sense of discrimination between good and bad), vairagya (dispassion) and the shat sampatti to become a mumukshu. That is why Lord Buddha also said that sheel samadhi (equanimity) and pragya (divine wisdom) and ahimsa (non-violence) should be present in a disciple. Only then can he become pragyavaan (one endowed with wisdom and knowledge). Remember that the origin is the Divinity; the consciousness. And the whole universe is just one consciousness. It is like there are so many bodies, but just one mind. We are all part of that One.

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  1. Rajni says:

    Ajnabi hoon main is jahaan me…..mera apna ghar kahin aur hai…mera khwab to ye nahin-nahin… mera sapna to kuchh aur hai :)

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