The Technology of Consciousness

The body is a machine and the consciousness which operates it has helped to develop the body which has been ignored by us. We need to pay attention to our consciousness. Then a new dimension to life opens up. It is because of consciousness that technology exists today in the world. It is responsible for all forms of creativity, scientific discovery, music, art, fashion, film and everything else. It needs your attention because it can manifest good health, happiness, love and compassion. It can be very logical, it can understand, comprehend and create. It is just like a cell phone which has so many programs.

There is a camera, SMS, contact list, clock and music player. A cell phone has many functions and so does our brain and our life. Sometimes when our mind starts functioning it just goes on and on and we don’t know how to shut it off. Just like how you can switch on and off the different functions of a cell phone, we need to have the ability to switch on and off all the abilities that nature has provided us. We can open our consciousness to different levels of reality. This is not just the only reality that exists. So if you have kept your consciousness active only for art, music or only for science and logic, then life is not complete.

If you are open to just having fun and being merry, even then life is not complete. Everyone, at one point or another in their lives, even for a few seconds or few minutes, has felt serene. You have felt silence and you felt very spiritual; a deep sense of silence and serenity. Many of us have switched off or we have not used this operation at all in our mobile phones. So touch this function in your consciousness and it will help you to smile and serve more.

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