Memory Gives You Enlightenment!

Memory gives enlightenment to your life. When people get enlightened, they say “I remember”. They have remembered their true nature. Being forgetful of your nature is the root cause of all problems and suffering in life. But the very remembrance of your nature, which is godliness, brings freedom. Here memory is your best friend. The purpose of knowledge is to remind you of your true nature.

Understand clearly that everything in the world is impermanent. Understand that which happened in the past is neither living nor real now, and accept those events. Have dispassion and be centered. Increase your prana through meditation and pranayama.

Memory can make you either sad or enlightened. Memory of events, or of trivial experiences will lead you into bondage. On the other hand, memory of yourself will liberate you. The ever changing relativity – however good or bad it may be – will bring you bondage. The unchanging relativity reminds you of yourself. Memory of past events and worries of the world will diminish in the infinity of the self.

You should know where you are and what you are. If you are in ignorance, it is only because of your memory. If you are enlightened, that too is because of your memory. Forgetting life’s trivial things, incidents, and sadness is bliss. Forgetting the infinity is misery.

What is infinity? There is infinity in everything which is finite. In every atom, the distance between two particles is equal to the distance between two galaxies.

After listening to nearly 700 stanzas of the Bhagavad Gita, and after asking innumerable questions, Arjuna tells Krishna, “Smritir labdva karishye vachanam tava,” which means, I have remembered now. Now I have realized my true nature and will do as you say.” Arjuna doesn’t thank Krishna. This means that every thing is there in your memory. Memory gives enlightenment to your life.

Similarly when you regain the memory of “Who am I?” all your meekness will disappear. You will walk with high spirits. You will not experience a lack of anything. When you know that the whole world is there for you, a genuine bravery will arise in you.

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