In the presence of my Guru – Poem by Christina Devi

Poem by Christina Devi (USA)

In the presence of my Guru my being gets uplifted by the knowledge that permeates through him. When he looks at me the feeling of wonder dawns and from the look of his eyes you can feel that he can’t help but hopelessly fall in love with the devotee in me.

In the presence of my Guru the perfection of devotion that I am manifests. That perfection that touches the soul and frees me from my own emotions. At that moment there is no him or I…there is just us as one.

In the presence of my Guru I live in every moment. It’s like taking a breath for the first time…the feeling of completion. My hearts stops from a glance of his and when he smiles my being just radiates with fullness. When he winks he brings the innocents of a child in me….blushing with love.

In the presence of my Guru his silence is also a gift to me. It makes me realize the magnitude and beauty of life. And when his tender words reaches my ears it makes my intellect blossom. Just as a rose unfolds itself in spring.

In the presence of my Guru when puja is preformed it’s like being in the arena of god and goddess. The energy is divine and I lose myself within. I feel as if I’m the past, present and future and then nothing. Nothing exists through him, not even the “I”.

In the presence of my Guru when rains drops it’s like tears of joy are coming from the universe due to the fullness of bliss. Just like a full moon unable to hide the radiance of its beauty from the sky.

In the presence of my Guru I attain the unimaginative, beyond what my intellect can express. I realize that I am him and he is me.

Existence blossoms in the presence of my Guru. What a beautiful feeling to have. How lucky can one be in their lifetime to find a Guru as mine and even luckier to be in his physical presence.

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  1. AWESOME! Each sentence is so true.

  2. Sanket says:

    touches your heart and uplifts you!! amazing poem Christina!!

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