Hundreds attend the Free Health, Happiness & Energy Seminar in Kingston, Jamaica – Truly an unforgettable event!

Art of Living Foundation delivered a Health, Happiness & Energy seminar on 1st November 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Kingston Jamaica, sponsored by the Guardsman Group and Gymkhana to bring a wave of peace and happiness to Jamaica through the Art of Living. Hundreds of people attended this free seminar and signed up to the Art of Living Course starting 11th November. This seminar was promoted extensively by the PR company of Guardsman Group, DRT Communications and indeed with the combined effort of DRT & Art of Living, International Teacher Dushyant Savadia was on 6 Radio Shows and on CVM at Sunrise TV Show promoting the Health & Happiness.

The response has been overwhelming from the corporates to inner cities from Prison to households, Art of Living has brought about an awakening of knowledge and an urgency of moving towards inner peace. Art of Living has now been approached by many community leaders even from rural Jamaica to bring this wave to their homes.

The evening was opened by the General manager of Gymkhana Mr. Peter Morris and then a welcome note by Ms. Sheila Benjamin introducing the Art of Living and welcoming the presenter for the evening Dushyant Savadia. The two hour seminar was received with such joy and bliss. Some of the comments made:

1. I literally went so so deep in the meditation – Did not realise even I existed in this material world.

2. Jamaica needed this ability to go deep and experaince the peace within. Thank you for coming to Jamaica and thank you for sharing with us this wisdom. God bless you all.

3. I am school teacher in the most crime affected inner city in Jamaica. I am going to work with you to bring this peace to my community.

4. I am from a rural area and I am the community leader of my parish, Will you come to us also? Our people really need this experience of peace without the need of anything.

5. Its so so simple. Unbelievable. This is a fast track to peace. I have already signed up for the intensive course.

Partial Speech of Sheila Benjamin (Director, Guardsman Group) at the event

“I believe that commerce has a role to play in transforming communities and today Guardsman Group, Gymkhana have taken that ownership through associating with the Art of Living Foundation to bring that transformation which is much needed today in Jamaica. Stress leads to crime, violence and anger and threatens our very existence and of our future generations. What Art of Living has brought to 153 countries through its selfless service cutting through barriers of race, religions and nationality and have touched the lives of more than 300 million, in a short span of 30 years, we wanted Jamaica to also benefit from this movement. Uniting communities and individuals to create a stress free, violence free society is their passion and Guardsman Group shares this passion with them.  So, without much further ado I would like to welcome International Program Director of the Art of Living Foundation and a true inspiration to all of us here, Dushyant Savadia. On behalf of Guardsman Group and Gymkhana again, please enjoy this evening. Thank You.”

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    This is amazing!! All the very best Dushyant ji :)

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