How to cope with life’s uncertainties

You can be at ease with the uncertainty of the world when you realize the certainty of the consciousness. Often, people do just the opposite. They are certain about the world but uncertain about the God. They rely on something that is not reliable and get upset. Uncertainty causes a craving for stability. Yet, the most stable thing in the world is the Self.

The world is about change and the self is permanent. You have to rely on the permanent and accept the change. If you are certain that everything is uncertain, then you are liberated. When you are uncertain in ignorance, then you became worried and tense. Awareness about the uncertainties brings a higher state of consciousness with a smile.
Often, people think that certainty is freedom. If you feel freedom even when you are not certain, then that is the real freedom. Often, your certainty or uncertainty is based on the relative world. Being certain about the uncertainty of the relative makes you certain about the existence of the absolute and also brings a certain faith in the absolute.

Only with knowledge can one be enthusiastic amidst uncertainty. At most times, people who are uncertain do not act; they simply sit and wait. Acting in uncertainty makes life a game, a challenge. Being in uncertainty is letting go. Certainty about the relative world creates dullness. Uncertainty about the self creates fear.

Uncertainty about matter brings certainty about consciousness. When you feel time is too short, you are either restless or in a state of expanded awareness. When you feel time is too long, you are either miserable or keen-minded. When you are happy and love what you are doing, you lose track of time. When you are ahead of time, it is dragging and boring. When time is ahead of you, then you are surprised and shocked. You are unable to understand the play of events. In deep meditation, you are time and everything is happening in you. Events are happening in you, just like the clouds come and go in the sky. When you are time, you are wise and at peace.

When the mind is happy, it expands and time seems too short. When the mind is unhappy, it contracts and time seems too long. When the mind is in equanimity, it transcends time. To escape from the two extremes, many resort to alcohol or sleep but when the mind is dull or unconscious, it is unable to experience itself. Samadhi, no-mindedness or timelessness, is peace, the real peace. That is the greatest healer.

Just as the mind experiences time, this moment has a mind of its own, a big mind, which has an enormous and infinite organising power. Thought is nothing but a ripple in this moment, and thus a few moments of Samadhi infuses the mind with energy. Just before you fall asleep or as soon as you wake up, in these moments, the consciousness experiences timelessness.

Life is a combination of form and the formless. Feelings have no form but their expressions have form, the self has no form but its abode has form. Similarly, wisdom and grace have no form but are expressed through form. Discarding the formless, you become inert, materialistic and paranoid. Discarding the form, you become a dreamer, a lost ascetic, or emotionally unbalanced.

When something is unbelievably beautiful or joyful, you wonder if it is a dream. Often, what you perceive as reality is not joyful, so when misery is there, you wonder if it is a dream. You are sure it is for real. This is knowing the real as unreal and unreal as real. In fact, all miseries are unreal. A wise man knows that happiness is real, as it is your very nature. Unhappiness is unreal because it is inflicted by memory. When you see everything as a dream, then you abide by your true nature.

A nightmare is a dream mistaken for reality. There is no confusion in a dream. As you keep wondering, whether all this is a dream, you wake up to the real.

Events come and go, they perish like flowers. But every event and every person contains some honey. Like a bee, just take the honey out of every event and every moment and move on. Be like a busy bee and be happy.

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