Being sensible is important, but not enough!

There is a certain simplicity inside us. We have all been born with that innocence and simplicity. When we grew up, somewhere, we ended up losing it. As we grew up, we stopped smiling, we stopped being natural, we stopped being simple. So what is essential is both sensibility and sensitivity. Totally logical, rational thinking is essential for human beings. Don’t accept anything just because somebody is saying it. We must use our intellect. Anything that is illogical, that does not appeal to reason, we should not accept. Being logical is an important function because it creates sensibility. However, just sensibility is not enough. With it, you need sensitivity. Sensitivity is a matter of the heart. You could be very logical, but you need to be able to understand the viewpoints of others as well. Even if what you say is absolutely right, you might end up hurting others easily.

Anyone who is very angry justifies their anger with logic. What they don’t know is that their anger is hurting the other person. Not only the other person, but them as well. So, the second important thing is to be sensitive. Somebody may be a fool but calling them a fool, shouting at them or scolding them is not going to help. You need to be sensitive.

You sit on a donkey and expect it to run like a horse, which is not possible. Accept a donkey as a donkey and a horse as a horse. The anger will go away. This is sensitivity — being sensitive to the feelings of others and their needs. This is the quality of the heart. There are people who are too sensitive. They lose their logic. This is no good either. You need the perfect balance between sensitivity and sensibility.

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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