Everything is God

This entire Universe is made up of God. There is nothing outside God. Nothing in the Universe is foreign to the Divine, to the Self, you only require skill to see it.

Like  the bubbles on the water which rise and dissolve, like the waves in the ocean that rise and dissolve, they have no identity of their own.  They cannot be separated from the water.  A vision is required to see that which is.  When a name is uttered a form comes to the mind, the form does not have the name in it.  The name has the form in it.

People are all just bubbles.  They dissolve into the space from where they have arisen.  The basic sub stratum of the name and form is the Brahmand.

All that is, that was, and that will be is God.  You cannot find God here and there.  All dissolves into that which is unseen.  Oh! Tht is what I am!  I am hollow and empty I am in all forms and all is me.  I am this and that, I am all these forms and all names.  You are only acting as though you are something else other than that, which is true what is false.   Is your true nature joy?

Tilt your eyes and see this is all God, Universe, World.  So many conflicting things in this world, all opposite values creating and destructing, compassion, environment, exists in this Universe.  They all exist within God as God.  This is very difficult to understand.  People will think God is in this and God is not that.  If God is omnipresent, omnipotent, then he is in good and bad, in everything.  Someone is working against God then he is not omnipresent/omnipotent.  If God only likes compassion why did he create beasts.  Your own body is a place of violence.  Why did he create the immune system inside the body.  Why did he create the nature ?  Why did he create the four seasons?  Why so much population?  When events become big then the existence loses its significance.

When existence broaden, then events become insignificant.  Events bring you small joy, existence brings bliss.  Events can bring you pain, existence can only bring joy and truth.  Getting stuck with the events but you cannot catch the events because they are floating.  Events come and go, you move on and on.  But existence does not change, it remains the same.

“That which exists is truth, all the events are falsehood, because they do not exist.  That which is changeless is truth, that which is ever changing is illusion.  Restlessness is foreign to your nature.  Once you say it is not me, do not resist it.  Skillfully smile at it otherwise if you resist it will persist.  Skillfully accept reality.”

– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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  1. Deepthi G says:

    Loved the essence –
    That which is ever changing is illusion, Restlessness is foreign to your nature, Accept the reality SkillFULLY :-)

    Jai Gurudev!

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