Learn to “Let Go” – Sri Sri

The whole philosophy of the life is based on letting go. Are you with me? What’s happening in your mind right now? What’s next? Right! Suppose I don’t say anything would you still like to be here? (Audience say yes) Yes! I say nothing and I am going to just sit back. Now? See, watch the mind, when you are screening there is an expectation.

There is something that you want to happen in next one hour, you want to know the secret of whole life or purpose of it or something, right? Something exciting, yes? Suppose I do nothing, I don’t say anything; would you still like to be here? (Laughter) Only few are saying ‘Yes’ (Laughter). This is letting go. Letting go is what? You are stuck in a traffic jam and your car is behind fifty cars. There is no way you can go back or go forward and you are running out of time. What do you do? You are upset. You simply have to let go! Correct! You have gone to catch a flight, the flight is late. You are sitting in the flight and it is delayed. What do you do? Running your eyes up and down in the air, on the flight, it is not going to help.

Life is a continuous process of teaching you to ‘let go’. I wouldn’t say the word acceptance because acceptance has a little connotation of lethargy or what do you call ‘chalta hai’ (everything goes). When we hold on to them, then they become a reason for tension. If you allow the universe to work through you, you will find life takes on to another level of existence. Are you all still here?

You know, for any success to happen what matters? First of all it comes as a thought. Thoughts get translated into action. First a thought gets translated into will, if it becomes a will then it gets translated into action and action in turn brings success. See, you aspire success but you are not taking those steps, not attending to the steps behind success. We want success, we only make use of the aspect of action but not every action will lead to success. If you go to Karol Bagh, one shop may be running at a loss while the adjacent shop might be making a profit. What is the reason? There is something behind the scenes, what that is? That is what we need to see. That same thing if we can catch hold of is the secret to success. Before success action is necessary and behind action intention is necessary. How to strengthen our intention? That is the skill. Intention will be strong only when we learn to let go.

~~ Sri Sri

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