Commitment: Sri Sri

What you are looking for in life is comfort. Why do you need money? Because you want comfort. Any need in any direction boils down to one word – comfort. 

There are many levels of comfort.1 : One is physical – if you are sitting on the grass you think, `oh, it would have been better if there was a cushion”.2 : Then there’s mental comfort – this is even more essential. If you have a comfortable home but the mind is not comfortable, you will not be able to sleep even on a comfortable bed.
3 : Another type is emotional comfort – you have everything, but if someone close to you doesn’t speak to you or does something that hurts you, then your emotional comfort is gone.
4 : Then there’s spiritual comfort – this is comfort of the soul, which means total peace, an uninterrupted flow of peace, and joy from within. What is comfort Comfort means to be yourself. But where is comfort? Is it in the body or mind? It is in a combination of both. Sometimes when the body is not comfortable, the mind is also not comfortable and vice versa.

You may have a very nice bed to rest but if you are disturbed, you cannot sleep. More than the body, comfort of the mind is important. The mind is three times more powerful than the body so mental comfort is three times more important than physical comfort. And your comfort is based on commitment. So people’s commitment brings you comfort.

For example, the milkman’s commitment to bring you milk gives you comfort. Similarly, your commitment should bring comfort to everyone else. Sometimes one says, “Oh, I am stuck with the commitment so I am unhappy.” Now, don’t think every commitment will be smooth from the beginning. If you are committed to complete your medical course, then there is bound to be some rough time in between. But commitment can take you across all obstacles. And the greater the achievement, the greater the commitment. The more you commit, the more your
capacity and capability to do any work.

Commitment is always about something a little more. You don’t say, “I am committed to drink a glass of water or walk one kilometer”, which you do anyway. If you think, “I can only do this much work”, then your commitment has to be more than what you think you can do. Commitment is about stretching your capabilities.

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