The Art of Pointing Mistakes: Sri Sri

A lady came to Guruji and said that her husband lied to her. She was very upset. Guruji asked “Why does your husband lie to you? Because he loves you, and is afraid to lose your love or hurt you. If he did not love you, he wouldn’t lie to you!”

Do not tell a person a mistake he knows. What’s the use of pointing out a mistake that he knows he has committed? By doing this, you will only make them feel more guilty, defensive or resentful and this will only create more distance.

You should only point out the mistake of a person who does not know, but who wants to

know. Do not point out the mistake of a person who knows but doesn’t want you to know. Often people know the mistakes that they have committed, but they do not want you to tell them.

Think of the usefulness of your comments. Before pointing out the mistake of a person, see whether your comments in any way will help to improve the situation, foster love or bring harmony. A magnanimous person would not pick on the mistakes of others and make them feel guilty. However, they would correct them with compassion and care, not through words but through attitudes.

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