Secrets of Nadi (Part 3) – Chapters Perused in Nadi Reading


1.To be found through thumb impression (Gents – right, Ladies – Left) or horoscope of  the concerned  person which contains name, names of parents, present details pertaining to profession, siblings,  children, wife and gist of future predictions for all the 12 houses.

 2.Money, eyes, family, education and speech.

3.Number of brothers and sisters; affection, help or ill feeling in between self and siblings, ears, courage and household utensils.

4.Mother, house, vehicles, land and pleasures.

5.Children, their birth, death and reason for not having children, adoption and remedial measures for having children, future lives of children.

6.Diseases, debts, enemies and court cases and remedial measures for avoidance.

7.Age of marriage, name, lagnam, planetary positions of the bride or bridegroom. Distance of residence of the bride or bridegroom.  Future life with husband or wife.

8.Longevity, accident and danger to life, age, month, day, time, star, lagnam and place of death.

9. Predictions in regard to father, wealth, visit to temples, luck, preaching through holy men, charitable deeds.

10. Profession, future predictions in regard to job or business, change of place good and evils in profession.

11.Profits in business and second marriage.

12. Expenditure, foreign visits, next birth or attainment of salvation.

13. SANTHI PARIHARAM: previous birth, sins committed, remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth sins.

14.DEEKSHAI KANDAM: Mantra Japam, wearing of Raksha (Talisman) for avoidance of evil eyes, enemies and troubles being caused by them.

15.AVUDATHA KANDAM: Medicines for long-standing diseases and method of taking them.


16.DASABUKTHI KANDAM: Predictions for the running Dasa Bukthi (Major-sub periods).  This is more astrological and could be understood only by the people, who have at least basic knowledge in Indian Astrology. It covers only the running major period.

17.DASABUKTHI SHANTHI:  Remedies prescribed to minimize the problems being caused by unfavourable major and sub-periods and to increase the benefits, if the major and sub-periods are in his/her favour.

18.DASABUKTHI DEEKSHAI:  special mantra japa being performed just to decrease the problems and to increase the benefits as well during the reign period of major and sub-periods.

19.GNANA KANDAM: It deals with spiritual life; gives the individuals to travel on right tracks that leads them to obtain gnana (wisdom).

20.GNANA SHANTHI: Remedies being prescribed just to annihilate the obstacles, if found in the way of spiritual progress.

21.GNANA DEEKSHAI: Prescribes special mantra poojas; should be performed just to nullify the impediments, if found in the way of spiritual progress.

22.AASI KANDAM: It deals with “blessings”  may be obtained from Lord Almighty mainly to involve and indulge in some noble tasks.

23.KOCHARA KANDAM: deals with the positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi; its positive and negative influences over the life of the individuals.

24.KOCHARA SHANTHI: prescribes remedies to subside the problems being caused by the unfavourable positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi.

25.KOCHARA DEEKSHAI:  Prescribes special mantra pooja; should be performed just to reduce the problems being caused by the unfavourable positions of the planets in the zodiac at the time of perusing the Nadi.

26.PRASANNA KANDAM: It deals with the queries of the individuals and it offers them the right solutions to get relived from their problems. The individual is restricted to frame only five questions and the individual is instructed to write the exact date and time of framing the problems to be solved.

27.PRASANNA SHANTHI: Suggests remedies to nullify the evils and problems that emerge while the individual tries to solve the problems.

28.POLITICAL KANDAM: It deals with the political involvements of the individuals, if they are destined so. The favourable and unfavourable periods in politics and the posts anticipated to occupy in politics, as destined.

29.POLITICAL SHANTHI: Suggests remedies to nullify the impediments in the way of political progress.

30. Aatma Visarana (it gives the details related to the departed soul) and Aatma Shanthi (some rites and rituals to be performed just to help the soul to reach the abode of God or to take birth again, as destined)

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