Nadi Secrets (How Nadi Is Found and Read) – Part 2

On his/her arrival, the individual is requested to give their thumb print (gentlemen right and ladies left) at first. Thumb prints of the individuals are not identical; they are unique every one knows.  But, on the basis of some common features found inside, the thumb prints were classified such as Chakkara (wheel), Sangu (conch or shell), Meru (mound) etc. with some dots (one, two, three etc.) and in accordance with those names entitled; the palm leave bundles are kept in our repository.  Out of experience and knowledge that the Nadi Reader gathered so far, he could identify the name of the thumb (Chakkara, Meru, Sangu etc.) at the moment he gets the thumb print from the individual and starts to locate the division, where the related bundles are kept safely. 

Then, he picks up the palm leave bundles one by one; starts to read the leaves one by one to the individual, who sits at his presence, intending to obtain the forecasts.  The reader starts to read some visible points one by one from the leaves and the individual, who sits in front of him, is requested to ascertain the statement that he reads simply by saying yes or no.  If the native (person) says yes for the first statement, the Nadi Reader passes on to the next statement in the same leaf.  If the person says yes for the second statement also, the Nadi Reader passes on to the third statement in the same leaf.  If the person says no to the third statement, leaving the leaf that he reads so far, the Nadi Reader passes on to the next leaf but in the same palm leave bundle. If it is necessary, the Nadi Reader may pass on to palm leave bundles from one to the other successively, till the individual confirms his/her leaf rightly and accurately.

Here, the Nadi Reader simply helps the individual to search his/her leaf, among the numerous leaves available in the repository. For each person, five to six bundles are available approximately.  This process will take some hours. The individual may trace out his leaf accurately and correctly in the first palm leave bundle itself or in the second or third or in the successive bundles that the Nadi Reader reads.   Sometimes, it may not be found out.  As it is predetermined whose leaf must be traced out on that day, the Nadi Reader reserves no right in this regard.  If it is available, it is his duty that he has to read; else he should simply tell the person that his/her leaf is not available.

Sometimes, the Nadi Reader may ask the person to come after some days or weeks or months or years, if he realizes that it is not the right time to read the Nadi to the individual.  Because every time that the major planets such as Jupiter and Saturn transits from one house to the other in the zodiac, returning the palm bundles that they read so far, they would obtain some bundles that state the present exact position of those planets (now Jupiter is in Scorpio and Saturn is in Cancer) viable to read. This is perhaps the reason that the person is directed to come after some time.

If the person confirms that all the statements that the Nadi Reader read are true-reliable and matches with his personal details such as his date of birth, name, parentage, name of his spouse (if married) number of siblings and kids, social and economical background and some details related to his profession etc., the Nadi Reader would decide that the leaf belongs to the individual concerned.  Then, he starts to copy down the predictions from the leaf (it was scribbled in ancient language; seems to be a very special kind of script; technically it is known as Devanagiri) on a notebook and then, he (Nadi Reader) starts to explain the contents properly related to his future.

If any one likes to obtain predictions in absentia through proxy, the proxy must fulfill the requirements in lieu of the concerned person, who likes to obtain predictions through this Nadi.

The past, i.e. the events and happenings from date of birth to date of perusal, the leaf is not covered.  This is mainly to avoid wasting their insight and spiritual wisdom in explaining the events that it had already taken place in their lives.  Please note, the leaves are not available to all the people, who emerged on the earth, yes, it is available only to the fortunate destined.  

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