Krishna, The Widow & The Cow

Sometimes when we are in utter difficulty, the Grace of God acts in a very peculiar way. We feel that God becomes more cruel when we are in difficulties and sufferings. Sri Krishna and Arjuna once were guests of a widow. The widow had no children, nobody. She was all alone. But she had a cow. This cow was her only means of support. 

She used to sell milk, and by selling milk she used to maintain her life. She was a great devotee of Sri Krishna. When Sri Krishna and Arjuna went to visit her in disguise, incognito, she was so happy to see these two divine guests. She fed them with whatever she had in her house. Sri Krishna was extremely pleased with her surrendering attitude and her devotion. On their way back, Arjuna said to Krishna, You were so pleased with her. Why didn’t  you grant her a boon? Why didnt you tell her that she would be prosperous soon, now that you are pleased with her?

I have already granted her the boon that her cow must die tomorrow. What? Her only means of support? She has only the cow, and nothing else. Without the cow how can she live on earth?

Krishna answered, You dont understand me. She always thinks of the cow. The cow has to be fed, has to milked, has to be bathed and so forth. I want her only to think of me, and when the cow is gone, she will think of me all  the time, twenty-four hours. Then soon the time will be right for me to take her away from this world, and after a few years I will give her a better and more fulfilling incarnation. When she has nobody on earth, not even the cow, she will try and spend all her time, day and night, in devoting herself to me. Otherwise, this way she will linger on earth and constantly think of the cow. Such are the ways of the enlightened masters!

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2 Responses to Krishna, The Widow & The Cow

  1. Kasturi says:

    Dushyantji, Im a a bit confused, God can do anything He wants, then He could have allowed the old widow to keep the cow and continue with her daily chores, milking it, feeding it, cleaning it, in total dispassion, with her mind solely on the Lord. God rules our mind and hearts, if He wanted He could have guided her thus.

  2. Manoj Daryanani says:

    Dear Dushyantji,

    I am a bit confused to. If the reason for our birth on earth is to concentrate about nothing but god, then why is this whole circle of getting married, having kids and thinking about providing the basic necessities and education. Why do we enter this sansarik circle and not just concentrate on god.

    I do understand that we take several and several births. Is it that the taking away of the cow, her only source is nothing but her payment of the previous karma. Her only then thinking about God will be her present karma for which she will get results in her next birth.

    Please excuse our ignaorance and guide us.

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