Sri Sri at Gurudwara in Vancouver: 14th April 2012

Sri Sri Participating in the Baisakhi (New Year) celebrations and was Honoured at the Gurudwara in Vancouver (Canada)

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3 Responses to Sri Sri at Gurudwara in Vancouver: 14th April 2012

  1. Neeta Harish Daryanani says:

    Good,I Wish my 2nd Daddy Sri Ram Mahtani who lived in Japan & then in Vancouver was there to meet & be with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar! Perhaps there was some connection between them before he passed away on 10th Oct.2011.& Dushyantji was sent to me to save my life from the durghatana that was coming my way.
    Jai Sai Ram!!

  2. Bhavik Parikh says:

    Amazing my Guru!

  3. John Singh says:

    This great man is a true Hindu. I am a white sikh and have heard and seen what evil athiests with hindu names are doing to sikhs in india. Sri sri is an inspiration to everyone of all faiths he is true hinduism. He has helped me gain back my respect for hinduism, which i should not have forgotton in the first place. Please my hindu brothers stand up to the evil athiest people in India who are ruining your name and trying to attack Sikhs and Sikhi. My hindu brothers lets try and get justice for Sikhs so Sikhs will be able to live in peace in India alongside Hindu brothers.

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