Experience Sharing From Jamaica

Ingrid Coke, Jamaica
Namaskar Dushyant,
I trust that by now you are home and resettling nicely, whilst your Jamaican family misses you immensely, more like terribly…lol. I attempted to fill the huge void I experienced Monday night after our course with Sudarshan Kriya. Guess what….it didn’t work….lol.
From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for choosing to be a clear open channel through which Love, Light, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Compassion and Courage flow. By your example, like Jesus, you gave us a glimpse of what it means to live in the truth of Who We Really Are.  I am truly grateful for the clarity and freedom I experienced from the simple yet so profound insight you shared on what it really means to be responsible.  And I could go on and on.  More importantly though,  I so want to learn more…so hurry up and return …lol.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Sending  you and your family lots of Love, Light and loads of laughter.
Blessings in Abundance
Ingrid Coke:-)NB. I’m on day 13 of 40 Yoga and Kriya.  I’ve shifted my practice to mornings and enjoying it immensely.  I’m experiencing more energy, more clarity,  and most of all, the stillness in the meditation at the end has me hooked.  Being in that space is like the “sweet spot” on a tennis racquet. I find that I just want to go deeper and deeper spending more time in that state, the bliss of being still, then I’m gently reminded that it’s time to go face the world for the day. It’s all good….it’s all LOVE.

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