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Latest: Making a million Friends is not a Miracle!!The Miracle is to make a Friend, who will stand by you, when millions are against you!!

Spirituality is 60% Meditation, 20% Knowledge and 20% Seva… Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

God has no blackberry but is my favourite contact… He does not have Facebook but is my best Friend … He does not have twitter but I still follow Him … And even without internet, I am always in contact with Him!!!!

Beware of impressions you hold about yourself, impressions you hold about others and impressions others hold about you: All of it is Karma! Remove the negative impressions, drop the positive impressions and you are free from Karma!

2 rules to remember: ‘Your Failure’ should never go to your heart And ‘Your Success’ should never go to your head….

In The Company of Wind, Even Dust Achieves Great Heights, But When Mixed With Water, the same Dust becomes Mud. The Right Company Enhances Our Value.

Before pointing out the mistake of a person, see whether your comments in any way will help to improve the situation, foster love or bring harmony……. SRI SRI

A winning horse dose not know what is it to WIN, he only runs enduring the pain given by his rider. So whenever you are in pain, know that GOD wants you to WIN.

An arrow can only be shot by dragging it backwards, so, when life pulls you backward, don’t worry. It’s only going to lead you towards victory and faster!

Whenever you are criticised, do NOT get upset, Remember this: “No stones are thrown on a fruitless tree”. “YOU ARE VALUABLE”. – SRI SRI

The Golden words of Mahatma Gandhi: When you are right, No need to be angry, When you are wrong, You have no right to be angry.

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  1. SV says:

    Fantastic quotes! A wonderfully inspiring collation.

  2. DD says:

    Very Nice.

  3. hira hemnani says:

    many things i dont know but now i follow them

  4. kapil bhatia says:

    jai gurudev by reading these quotes getting more stronger from inside and making my smile unshakable

  5. I love it…Thank You…You are a great inspiration!!!!

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