Naada Vaibhavam – Aura Pictures

Naada Vaibhavam created history when it brought together over 5000 Karnatic Singers sing one song to stir the soul of the creation in presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Chennai (India) on 30th Jan 2011 as a part of the world wide celebration of Art of Living foundations 30th Anniversary. At the time of live singing Aura Photographs were taken which has amazed us all. Please enjoy:

During Ganpati Vandana a formation of Ganpati can be visualised. Suddenly this figure appeared in the sky . The magic of 5700 singers could create the vibration in the universe and the image appeared. The red Ganapati indicates the circulation and fluids and with golden trunk and crown, the spirituality generated. The intuitive and inner knowledge which is circulated in the universe and the fluid i.e. in the blood system of all listeners and singers as well those who will afterwards listen this composition.

The next slide shows how this figure became prominent when instruments were at high.

This is in continuation to the previous slide it (the Ganpati figure) covered the sky (Blue) and Earth (Yellow) (Dhyava and Prithvi) in form of spirituality.

This amazing figure of Shiva Linga appeared when Shiv Stuti was in its peak. The inner green Shiv Linga indicates that this is a harmony between nature and material world. It indicates that a balanced growth can be achieved by the Shiva Stuti song. This piece of music sang by 5700 musicians created this balancing Shiva Linga surrounded by red circle again covering earth and sky as a Yagya for achievement from nature.

As the nada of Mridangam (Insturment) and other instruments were at their peak and the harmonious tune created the amazing image in the universe. The yellow ball in the sky indicates the awakening of spirituality and intellectuality. The ball with circular movement indicates optimism in full life. It with white balls around it, indicates the life reform ability without ego or false pretence. It is giving a new experience with understanding and development. Seven stars indicates nobleness in nature.

Watch Naada Vaibhavam on youtube – Pease search on youtube as “Naada Vaibhavam

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9 Responses to Naada Vaibhavam – Aura Pictures

  1. Subhadra says:

    Jai Gurudev,
    Thank you for sharing Dusyanthji, I have sent it to the musicians who were spiritually inclined and i have also shared it in the facebook.

  2. bharat sheth says:

    jgd this is amaizing love u guruji

  3. Vishal Shah says:

    Fantastic… can you help me how to take these pictures i mean how to capture this on camera

  4. SRINIVAS says:

    Jaigurudev Amazing and wonderful.This is taken on a Krilian camera in which the aura can be seen clearly.It is a special type of camera and different from usual ones.

  5. panchama says:

    Something is fishy. releasing these kirlian photographs after so many years after the function.

  6. Manik ! says:

    though i am completely amazed but how did u take AURA photos ?? jgD !

  7. Dr Kiran Bagul says:

    unbelievable i was really feeling sad that i had missed such a wonderful opportunity.but we can get the blessings by listening to it.thank you so much.

  8. Shobha says:

    Jai Guru Dev ,

    Would you be able to sahre these pictures with me?


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