Guruji at School – 3 Promotions in 1 day!!!

By Pitaji: Guruji’s Father

On an auspicious day, we took Gurudev to a nearby school, to begin his academic career. The young teacher of the first standard, to which he was admitted, was extremely surprised at his extraordinary intelligence, and immediately recommended his promotion to the second standard. The same story was repeated there also, the amazed teacher promoting him to the next class.

Finally, he landed in fourth standard, with three promotions on a single day! The teachers acclaimed that Gurudev was a child prodigy, mature in the infancy and innocent in his maturity. For many, the young master was a mystery in midget, for many others, he was a mystic in miniature.

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8 Responses to Guruji at School – 3 Promotions in 1 day!!!

  1. Dhanlakshmi says:

    Jai Gurudev

  2. ramakrishna says:

    Jai Gurdev! Gurudev is all above these materialistic world and he is none other than the soul in all of us. Gurudev is the living god.

  3. hira hemnani says:

    Jai Gurudev. Guruji intentionally taken 3 promotions in one DAY. HE DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PROMOTIONS HE HIMSELF IS GREAT TEACHER

  4. Pavan says:

    Jai Gurudev

  5. mohit says:


  6. Rajshri says:

    Guruji ki lila

  7. J.P. Samala says:

    This explains finishing Guruji’s degree by the age of 17!

  8. Smita Barve says:

    Guruji is really awesome and we need him for at least next 1000 years (minimum) so Guruji “please don’t leave us, warna hum kaha jayenge???”

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