On Enlightenment and Divine Love

What is enlightenment?

To uncover your true nature is enlightenment. Your true nature is divine love. Enlightenment or liberation is a negative term. Liberation implies bondage. What really binds u is pleasure. One is addicted to something because it seems to be giving joy but in return it gives sadness, pain. One seeks liberation from the pain. When your hankering for pleasure ceases you experience enlightenment; when your hankering for enlightenment ceases you experience divine love. In enlightenment you are still centered in the self, but in divine love you cease to exist. You dissolve, it allows just divinity to be there. It is existing as if you are not, hollow and empty, that is true union between small mind and the cosmic or infinite mind. Love is the phenomenon of total letting go, dissolving. It’s a happening. You can’t create love inside you. You always want to possess what is beautiful and the moment you possess it, it loses its significance. If u can turn this impulse of possessing something and surrender to the beauty instead, the love becomes immortal.

Always be in touch with the source of love, from where the love begins. Love something or someone not because its yours or satisfies your needs, but love them for what they are. Our love is very superficial; it is based on our needs. The very same love develops into divine love, its not opposite to divine love, the same love when transformed, when it comes out of its boundaries, it blossoms into divine love. When there is love there is no ego, it dissolves. Love and longing go hand in hand. Longing is the other face of love. When you accept the longing it becomes divine love. Longing or pain or hurt is part of love. On this pain dawns the divine love.

Why is pain experienced in love?

There is pain in love because there is crushing of ego, the ego is being destroyed, there is no other way out, and ego has to be crushed in order to become bigger. Ego is simply an illusion, its just seperatedness. As long as there is ego there is no divine love. Pain is the very first experience we had on this planet and the second experience is love. All of us have experienced the divine love but we have forgotten it. With understanding the pain develops into longing, intense longing for the beloved. It’s longing that is the basis of prayer. When there is longing, only then will the voice of god be heard. In that longing the ego melts. The pain of separation increases the love, increases the prayerfulness. Maintain the longing.

There are three types of love for human beings; affection for the younger ones, love to equals and respect for elders. Unless these three become one, unless we grow equally in all, our life is not in the full dimension. When it becomes one whole, it becomes divine love. At the core we are love. Everybody has this love, but we have not thrown ourselves open, we are so involved in the small me, me, mine, mine. Love is sharing, love is expansion, but we have cultured all habits to restrain ourselves, that is why the divine love is not manifested. Love flows when there is evenness, when there is connection. When divine love dawns in a person, deep inside there is full flowering of human consciousness. This intoxicating love doesn’t excite you but brings calmness inside you, which is devoid of feverishness. Attaining this love is ecstasy; it’s undying, immortal. One can attain perfection “siddha” only thru love, even yoga, meditation or knowledge becomes useful when divine love manifests. This love is a gift to us, we cannot force it but we can drop the obstacles in the path to allow the divine love to manifest. Love is the ultimate blossoming of the consciousness.

Jai Gurudev!

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  1. alisandra says:

    So Beautifully said xx

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    Its worth reading!!

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