We ask people to remove leather articles but Sadhu’s used tiger skin?

Rajoo: JGD Dushyantg! we ask people to remove leather articles- wallet belt etc. but Sadhus use to use tiger, deer skin to sit and meditate! pl guide! I was knocked off by this Q!

In the ancient times, yogis used the skin of a tiger for their yoga and meditation practices. One reason is Yogis haven’t always had the variety of choices available today for their practice. The use of Tiger skin had its significance in those times. Sitting on an tiger skin was an honour reserved for the most accomplished of Hindu ascetics, the Brahmarishis. Tiger represents lust. His sitting on the tiger’s skin indicates that He has conquered lust. The tiger also represents manas, the mind. It symbolises the Rishi having conquered his mind. 

Also the tiger skin offers ideal properties: non-slippage, padding, all-natural ingredients, and probably even formidable style and its full biodegradability. Lots of such examples of Maharishi’s sitting on tiger skins with a tiger head are only depiction of their conquest over lust and their mind which has been presented to us in picture formats. Yogi’s always have been very compassionate and kind towards every being on this plannet. Also there Sadhana was so powerful and due to their Siddhi’s what they sat on didn’t matter to them as they were beyond the influence of material world with very heightened levels of energies.

However, many of us have not attained such state of mind yet and hence food, sleep, thoughts, outer environments, everything can influence and affect our meditation. Hence, it is better that until we reach such a state, we avoide using leather (As they are dead cells and will attract and capture your few ounces of barely generated energy in a day!!!).

Wool and Tiger Skin are the two materials also which do not allow energy to dissipate in to the ground while in meditation. However, the mordern day leather and mixed with many other materials and use the skin from many animals, these leather are bad conductors of energy and instead it blocks the flow of energy of the body.

Better to use a woolen shawl to sit on and keep the body free from leather articles.

Jai Gurudev.


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  1. ASHISH says:

    Very well answered !!!

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    Great explanantion and good question too.

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