Essence of Diwali

It was this day that the demon Narakasaura was killed. King Narakasura (Naraka means hell) had been granted a boon that he could be destroyed only by a woman. Lord KrishnaÒ³ wife Satyabhama was the one to destroy him. Why only Satyabhama could kill Naraka? Satya means truth and bhama means the beloved. Untruth or lack of love cannot conquer hell. It cannot be removed by aggression. Hell can only be erased by love and surrender. Non-aggression, love and surrender are the inherent qualities of a woman. Hence only Satyabhama, the true beloved could remove hell and bring the light back. And Narakasura’³ last wish was that every house should celebrate his exit with lights to mark the end of darkness. This is Deepawali.

Also it was today that Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, his Kingdom, after his victory over Ravana, the demon king. Ayodhya means that which cannot be destroyed, i.e. life. Ram means the Atma (the Self). When Self rules in life, then knowledge lights up. There is life everywhere. But when the spirit is awakened in life, deepawali happens.

By: Excerpts from knowledge talks by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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