The Birth, The Passing & The Revival of Knowledge (Part -1)

The Birth:

This planet has been blessed with a range of Knowledge since thousands of years. Have you ever wondered where all this knowledge came from into the minds and thoughts of people who discovered it? What is the source of all that is known to this earth?

Veda – the Initial downloads:

“Veda” means wisdom, knowledge or vision, and it manifests the language of the gods in human speech. Guruji has said: “Vedas are a collection of poems- verses heard by Rishis, sages when they went deep in meditation. When someone went deep in meditation, they heard something and whatever they heard, they started telling their students, disciples. So these were truths which were derived or heard and downloaded from the cosmic consciousness”.

Example: Our modern day Internet. All the information is already present ready to be downloaded from web space on a click of the mouse. One has to know, how to switch on the computer (Closing your eyes and going inward), connect to the internet (connect to the cosmic consciousness through Samadhi/Deep Meditation) and surf around the internet (You notice and see what you want) and you click and download from the web space that you want to know (Cosmic consciousness). Vedas were downloaded like that.

Guruji: “More than one thousand sages or those who are called Rishis – Rishi means the one who saw or one who heard. They saw it, they heard it and they wrote them. They didn’t write themselves, they recited and told their students and they recited and so for a long time it was just passed on from one to another – verbally, vocally. That’s why they are called Shrutis”.

Space scientists acknowledge the presence of dark matter all around this earth and space beyond. What sceince know as dark matter, ten thousnad years ago Rishi’s have decribed this dark matter as Shiva Tatva or Shiva energy. The whole space and what exists in the space is all Shiva Tatva.  What binds all the plannets to go around each other, what holds the plannets in its place, that which permeates as matter through conciouness, all that which rises and whithers, is all Shiva Tatva or Shambho. Shambho means that which is unbelievable  beautiful.  All that exists is beautiful due to Shabmho!! Realising this Shiva Tatva  in YOU and around YOU is knowedge.

How does a 3 year old play Violin? How does a 8 year old knows about heart surgery? It is not unusual to hear these things in the modern world. It has been our experience several times, we speak something or an idea pops up and we think, how did I know it? All that to be known is already there in the cosmic consciousness, in this Shiva Tatva, what leads us to that is:

  • Our thirst to download
  • A stable connection with the Guru

Another way to understand this is through Matrix (Hollywood movie)!! In the Matrix usually to download some new knowledge in to them all they had to do is “Plug-IN”. And they go into deep Samadhi and they SEE all that they want to SEE and Learn!!!

Under the guidance of a master, to connect with the universal knowledge present in the cosmic consciousness is effortless. The Guru represents all that there is and the more WE are connected to the Guru, the more the download is faster!!! Our EVER NEW consciousness is millions of years old; It has seen it all and knows it all. All it takes is to close our eyes, and reunite with the origin of what is! In the modern world, the Art of Living courses and its practices allow us to get plugged IN so easily. It is amazing that without any exception all those on this path are able to close their eyes and feel that connectedness just after doing the Sudarshan Kriya. People start experiencing new talents, new downloads, its amazing!!! Certainly to me it is a divine design blessed upon mankind!!! Just as when night dies, the sun starts smiling in the east, the same way, when illusion dies, knowledge starts smiling in one’s life.

Purification of breath is purification of body. Purification of the body helps to grow unconditional love and unconditional love for all purifies the soul. If it happens with everyone, the hearts of the individual in the basic divine rhythm that echoes everywhere. This divine rhythm is Shiva Tatva. Close your eyes and enjoy downloading!!!

Part 2 coming shortly!

Jai Gurudev


Note: Texts in Italics are spoken by Guruji.

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