Q&A’s with Dushyant – A Strong Mind

Why is it that some people are pampered and get personal attention from Guruji and some don’t? I feel very low at times that Guruji dosent give me the same importance.

Answer: You need to choose what kind of mind do you want to have… a strong mind or a weak mind. If you become strong, HE will be present IN you, if you become weak, HE will be AROUND you. Minds that need to be stregnthened will be the ones who Guruji will put more attention on. All the swami’s, Rishi’s he dosen’t have to keep them close to HIM and they are always travelling spreading HIS knowledge.  But those who need attention, will be next to him, for a limited time, he will stregnthen them and move them forward too. Only if YOU have a strong mind, YOU will be able to stregnthen others also.

Our mind should become such, that the last thing the Guru has to worry about is our mind. He should feel so confident, that even if one is insulted, humiliated or kicked out, he will remain grounded in faith and smile and can handle all the criticism with that strgnth and willingness to grow and learn.Weak minds will look for acknowledgement, praises, a smile, etc etc from the Guru and will be stuck in physical parameters. Stong minds will be in such a state of devotion that they feel HIS presence IN them at all times. He will have such confidence on strong minds that HE can simply send us anywhere knowing that we will continue to make a difference in this planet without anything affecting our enthusiasm.

So never feel low that he is not around you. If he is not around you that means he is IN you. This is a sign that you are a stong mind. So do you want Guruji to be AROUND or IN?

You know…we have to inculcate the ability to be so centred every moment because even one moment of lack of centredness can become a regret for the rest of our life. We have to work on being so so refined. Be more aware, more sadhana, more knowledge and certainly more Seva will stregnthen the mind!

What takes away our centredness and we feel weak?

People: Learn to Love those whom you dislike and love also those whom you think dislike you. This brings back your centredness.
Objects: Know that you are the source for the object to exist and associatian with the source has bigger joy then its off springs.
Circumstances: Know that everything is changing on this plannet. This will also pass and I will still be here, smiling.

Jai Gurudeva


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  1. Rajoo Yemen says:

    Lovely Dushyant bhaiyya!

  2. Arundhati says:

    Great knowledge, Dushyant Bhaiya!

  3. Anand Desai says:

    Dushyantji….Nice One….

  4. Ajay says:

    Thanks a lot bhaiya..

  5. ASHISH says:

    This post really lift my sprits up. This is the question I always wanna ask.

    Thanks bhaiya :)

  6. Yogi says:

    Dushyant Bhaiya had 1 doubt.. .is the question answered by Guruji or by you?

  7. Sum says:

    Thanks Dushyant! I count myself lucky to have people like you and knowledge like this on the path.

  8. Krupa says:

    Thanks Dushyantbhai Your answer really lifts me up
    Jai Gurudev

  9. soudha says:

    At last! Got my answer. Why I feel so full & uplifted, though HE is not around. 😉

  10. Manisha says:

    thanks bhaiya, this question was on my mind for sometime now! even tho’ i felt this only cud b the reason, cmng frm u , it makes all the difference!! Jai Gurudev!

  11. Nilima gupta says:

    It’s so true.Sometimes the feeling goes beyond jealousy. really!!! Thanks for enlightening us

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