Q&A with Dushyant – How does these 7 layers practically impact our day to day life?

We have heard of the 7 layers so many times in Intro talks and courses. How does these 7 layers practically impact our day to day life?

Answer: If you take an example of a car; for a car to function properly without breaking down or giving you a bumpy ride, you need the engine, the body, lubcricatons, tyres, brakes etc to function at its optimum. Now imagine if one of these important part of the car is not functioning properly, driving would be dangerous!!! You will never get to your destination, even if you did, you would be tired and exausted!!!

Life mostly squeezes out the most of us rather than us making the most of our life!! This happens because we never pay attention to the 7 layers of exisitance which govern the quality of our life.

The first and the outermost layer of our exisitance is our BODY – Have you noticed what happens to us when we wake up? When was the last time, we woke up and said “Yes – I am so excited to go to work or do my routine and bounce out of the bed? “. Still thinking? When the stress affects our system, it impacts on the Body. The body gets tired, restless, lethargic and dull.We literally need a crane to lift us out of our bed to get us to work!!!!

Same with the breath – when the system is stressed people breathe the wrong way around i.e. the diaphram contracts when they breathe in and expands when they breathe out and often find themselves with shortness of breath too.

Now the Mind – Mind is purely a tool of perception. Mind perceives everything using the 5 senses. Due to stress and tension in our lives, our perceptive abilities also become blunt. How many times has it happened that the car key is right in front of us on the table and we go around looking everywhere in the house!!! How many times it has happened that someone else has to make you aware that there is some bad adour or burning smell!!!! Stress is the cause for the mind not peceiving things at its peak efficiencies.

Now the Intellect – How many times has it happened that we make a decision and we regret in just a few minutes of making that decision or unable to make a simple and timely decision efficiently. Again stress blunts our intellect and deprives us from using the intellect to get things done faster!!!

Now the Memory – Think about it – How many times, we have walked in to a room and you have no idea why you were there? How many times we have stuggled to remember just one thing which was very important and had to be done then? Stress supresses our memory to function on its optimum too.

Now the Ego –  When our system is stressed, the EGO comes out at the wrong place at the wrong time in front of the wrong person and then we regret for a long time!!! If the person is calm and collected the same EGO becomes a drive of life.

Now finally the Self – It is the core of our existence, all the other layers are sustained, maintained and healed by the Self. Knowing the Self is the key to a happy and stress free life.

Our quality and success in life depend on how well these 7 layers are functioning. It is truly amazing to see how on the Part 1 course each of these layers are cleansed by paying individual attention on each of it through various processes and techniques. And hence, it is so vital that people under go the Art of Living courses and see the transformation for themselves.Yoga, Pranayama’s, Sudarshan kriya – one can benefit so much by these practices. Through breath control we can harmonise and purify our entire exisitence.

“Purification of breath is purification of the body and purification of the body helps to grow unconditional love and unconditional love for all purifies the soul”.

Jai Gurudev

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