Papnasham (An Untold Story) – Part 3 (The Final & Special)

This is the final and special Edition of the Papanasam Article:

A bit more details about Guruji’s birth:

Guruji was born to Sri.Venkat Ratnam and Smt.Vishalakshi on May 13, 1956 in Papanasham,  Tamil Nadu, India. His parents named him Shankar since his birthday matched that of the 8th century CE Hindu saint, Adi Shankara. He was named on the 11th day of his birth, which was Ramanuja Jayanti, the day Ramanuja (another important theologian and Hindu philosopher) was born.

And of course most people know the famous Mein Tera significance to his birthday too!

If you have not the read the previous parts: Part -1 , Part 2 –

And finally THE ROOM!!! This is the picture of the room where Guruji was delivered by our beloved Amma! This is where Guruji blessed the world with his first breath!!!!

Another look?

More Guru Childhood Stories:

  • Little Guruji’s Enact:

As a child, Guruji would love to enact Buddha. So, he would wear an orange towel (Kashi Towels) which Amma used in her kitchen around his head and would wear wooden sandals to create that sound effect and would have His friends and Bhanu Didi follow Him and sing,”Buddham Sharnam Gachami”…

  • Little Guruji’s favourite Words:

Offering, Closing eyes and Smiling

  • The insisting Litte Guruji

Guruji would insist on offering everything to God first and then eat (even chocolates). “Imagine you have sweets in your hands and that too offer first to God..(it’s so irrestible 😉 and then have. Bhanu didi was so impatient, she would quietly keep it in her mouth. Guruji would make her open her mouth, remove the sweet,offer it first to God and then let her have :)

Thank you all for reading this story and for all your comments. Please share this story with everyone by emails/facebook, which ever means.

Jai Gurudev


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14 Responses to Papnasham (An Untold Story) – Part 3 (The Final & Special)

  1. Sanjay Garg says:

    Sharing chocolates with God…so wonderful..! 😆

  2. soudha says:

    My pure wish is to visit this divine place one day.

  3. Palak says:

    Wonderful details aout Guruji. Thanks.

  4. Pratim says:

    It feels very nice to read every inch and nook of the article….
    Bhaiya… please share more photos and stories about his childhood na..
    jai gurudeva…

  5. fatema says:

    thx 4 sharing
    waiting for more stories n pics
    plz keep posting ..bhaiya
    Jai Gurudev :)

  6. KISHLAY RAJ says:


  7. Dhanshri says:

    JGD bhaiya..Papnasham stories are very beautiful…I am grateful for this knowledge.:)

  8. Dhanlakshmi Chander says:

    Look forward to visit this divine place….

  9. chinni says:

    so happy to read the guruji’s child hood stories, thanks a lot for this- jaigurudav

  10. Vamsi Kosuri says:

    Awesome sharing bro…when r u uploading the other talks you you recorded :)))

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  12. Nilima gupta says:

    Thanks for sharing

  13. leena says:

    Thank u for sharing .I have visited Papanasam .But could you give me the directions to the 108 shivalaya nad Guruji’s house

  14. geetha ramakrishnan, anna nagar says:

    Jgd dushyant ji! While we were in papanasam 4 to 5 years back we took a chance n with locals’ guidance found our way to Guruji’s house but we were not lucky enough to see His room n also upstairs but YES I did feel a pull to meditate in a room only to find out later that THAT IS THE ROOM WHERE HE WAS BORN…..full of vibration.Each one of us must visit His house atleast once

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