Papanasam – An Untold Story (Part – 2)

The Untold Story (Part -2)

The house was sold off many years ago and was reaquaired by Gurudev’s family. After it was reaquired, it was completly demolished and reconstructed and recreated exactly how it was. As an example also, the tiles on the roof were made to be brought from Kerela which the previous construction had used. Although, there are many parts of the floorings, etc which are still from the previous construction.

If you have not read the part 1 of Papanasham then please click on the link:

This is where Gurudev have run around playing and eating, it is the first main hall after entering inside the house:

A side of the main hall having a big picure of Gurudev and our beloved Amma. It was such a different feeling to sit around here and know that Gurudev

The Kitchen Area:

This is the picture of the first floor where currently the Pathshala is running: In those days there was no first floor.

This is the view from the balcony on the first floor. Directly in front of the house. In any temple, the dome above the deity are called Gopuram. In a temple there may be 3 or 4 different temples and every one would have a Gopuram of its own. The Gopuram above the main deity of the temple is called Raja Gopuram. It is rare and indeed astonishing that Guruji’s main entrance of the house is parellal to the main Gopuram and the main entrance of the temple. All of them fall in a straight line!!!!!

This the temple where Guruji was often found running away to which is located absolutely opposite to the house! Even as a child, he was never interested in playing football or games, but instead had a Puja Kit of his own and was often found playing with it and praying at the temple or simply sitting there wondering!

Finally this is Gurudev’s room where he rests every time he visits Papanasham. He was there last year also in Papanasham while on tour of Tamilnadu. So so simple…..

I must insist that anytime you are in India next, please do visit Papanasham and relish the childhood of Guruji. The environment, the space, the energy, it was indeed mesmersing. The best way to get there is to reach Kumbhakonnam and stay at Hotel Raya’s, as they excellent rooms and very clean too.

Please get in touch with me should you need any more information.

Jai Gurudev


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  1. sarika says:

    so graitful to u for sharing the childhood of our beloved GURUDEV. :smile:

  2. Yogi says:

    Jai Gurudev 😀

  3. pm says:

    jgd wonderful , i will visit papanasham

  4. Sanjay Garg says:

    tnx and love. I shall defineltly visit Guruji’s birth place…

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  6. seemaa says:

    jgd thanx dushyant ji for beautiful writeup.i m blessed one to visit papnasham twice , and first time poojya gurudev took me along to his birth place.

  7. Ravindran says:

    Great information. Wonderful efforts Dhshyant ji. Although i lived in Kumabakonam for three years i never got a chance to go to papanasam. Hope I will get a chance soon. JGD

  8. Nisha Thakur says:

    After reading the untold story I have desire to visit this holy place .JGD

  9. Medha says:

    So divine. Thank you so much. So wonderful to know such things about our beloved Guruji.

  10. Payal sadarangani says:

    Wow …I’m definitely gonna see guruji’s birth place…JGD

  11. meghna srivastava says:

    The Day I Visit GURUJI,s Birthplace At papanasam a History will be created….A Five Thousand Year old Dream will come TRUE…….

  12. yogita says:

    Really thanks..for sharing such info to us…
    jai gurudev/// very nice

  13. kapil arya says:

    wow…….so grateful to u bhaia…

  14. sarthak says:

    a shrine in itself :)

  15. kriti guota says:

    few years after.. this place will be woshipped..!

  16. J.P. Samala says:

    Thank you for sharing Dushyant-ji!

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  18. Kailash Paliwal says:

    very nice to know all about Guruji s birth place and place he spent His childhood.I will definitely like to visit the place whenever I get an opportunity to do so in near future.Thanks Dushyant ji.Jai Gurudev.Kailash Paliwal

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