Gurudev and the Swan (A Must Watch Video)!!!

A beautiful collection of pictures converted into a video file in a sequence where a Swan comes out of the Lake and goes close to Guruji and bows down!!!

Enjoy this very precious moment of a Swan meeting the Guru and being blessed too!!

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3 Responses to Gurudev and the Swan (A Must Watch Video)!!!

  1. Sarath says:


    What is the meaning of the two swans and the sun in the Art of Living emblem?

    Jai gurudev


  2. thank u says:

    woooow really really amazing video!! how beautiful!!! Dushyantji can you please tell me the name of the bhajan in background??

  3. Alpa Vora says:

    Lovely… Thank you for sharing it dear.. Jai Gurudev !!

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