Papanasham (Guruji’s Birth Place) – An Untold Story (Part -1)

Papanasham – Let me take this opportunity to embark you in to the History of this small town in a remote village in South India dating more then 8000 years ago and in to the present as the birth place of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Guruji). Papa means Sin, Nasham means destruction. Papanasham means where all the sins are destroyed.

108 Shivalayam

ο»ΏVery close to Guruji’s house there is a Shiva temple which has 108 Shiva lingas and these were installed by Lord Rama himself. After killing Ravana (The Demon King who had kindnapped Sita), Rama went into remorse and sadness as he had killed one of the greatest devotee of Shiva himself. Although truth was victorious and the purpose ofΒ  this Avatar was fulfilled, Rama was in pain due to the Karma he had aquired by killing a devotee.

Being disturbed by this, Rama went to Guru Vasishtha to seek help and direction to ward off this Dosha/Karma. At this point, Vasishtha instructed Rama to go to this village in South India and install 108 Shiva Linga’s himself and on completion of this, his sins will be washed. Being instructed by his Guru of this remedy to cleanse his Dosha, Rama then travels to this small village and constructs these 108 Linga’s. Today, its name is given Papanasam as this is were Rama got freedom from his Karma’s.

The Temple Site from Outside.

It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva in this temple and putting oil in all the 108 lamps placed above the Linga’s and then lighting them would remove all Karma’s of the past. There is a separate huge Linga called Hanumantha Linga which is believed to have been installed by Lord Hanuman. It is a wonderful sight to see all the 108 lingas arranged equally in three rows.

This was the gateway of Rama to liberate and our Gurudev to Enter!!!!!

Now…Back to Gurudev’s Home in Papanasam:

This is the entrance to the birth place and the holy shrine of the greatest Avataar – our beloved Gurudev.

Now a Glimpse to his childhood:

As a child Gurudev was very naughty. His grand parents were very orthodox religious brahmins and had strict rules at the time which were also implemented on the little Gurudev. But as you can see his childhood traits still in him….he defied the rules imposed on him and used to run away to play with the cows and sit and have lunch with even unknown people.

This is the first passage way into the courtyard of his house:

More of the house inside and Gurudev’s Delivery room and more stories to follow in the Part 2 of this untold story.



Jai Gurudev


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